The Litter-Robot™4 – Exploring the Pros and Cons Of the Newest Litter-Robot™ on the Block

The Litter-Robot™4 – Exploring the Pros and Cons Of the Newest Litter-Robot™ on the Block



The Litter-Robot™ 4 was several years in development and has been out in the market for almost a year, with lots of home USA domestic testing now completed.


But how does it compare to the well-loved and amazing Litter-Robot™ III Open Air?


A little background is helpful.


The Litter-Robot™ III Open Air was introduced in Australia in 2016 by Cat Evolution after its parent Urban Pet Products Pty Ltd was granted the exclusive distribution of the most amazing automatic cat litter box available globally at the time for cat owners down under.


Globally #1 automatic cat litter box at the time, the Litter-Robot™ III Open Air was upsized from the Litter-Robot 2 versions to cater for all cats including the large breeds such as Maine Coons and Rag Dolls, and filled a big need that was previously poorly addressed by a very small range of semi and auto cat litter boxes.


Spawning numerous copies of the Litter-Robot 3 since that time, but never the same, the Litter-Robot™ has dominated not just globally but down under, attending to the needs of cat owners to manage their litter boxes much the same as the dishwasher revolutionised kitchen clean up. Australian sales that started at less than 1 per week became 5 per day pre-covid, and in USA sales are many 100s per day, with over one million Litter-Robot III's sold by early 2023.


Additional benefits of not just no more scooping, include, odour help, reduced litter consumption, efficient operation, multiple cats catered for with a single appliance, and cat activation to ensure litter box needs for cat families were finally being achieved by a well-engineered but simple to use appliance, which made the Litter-Robot III Open Air a revolutionary appliance to help cat owners.


The manufacturer, AutoPets, rebranded in 2022 to Whisker and continues to improve and review the Litter-Robot 3 within the main design parameters. In parallel, Whisker have been working on the next revision Litter-Robot 4 for a number of years, incorporating customer feedback and MUST-HAVE features. Keeping up with innovations across pet care technology, additional features and wi-fi connectivity introduced with Litter-Robot 3 have been further extended and refined to provide a more integrated appliance in Litter-Robot 4, the next generation of automatic Litter-Robot™ from Whisker.


A redesign based on the successful ball on a box that is iconic for Litter-Robot, Litter-Robot 2 and Litter-Robot 3.  The Litter-Robot™ 4 is on the cusp of launch in Australia and provides the same but different appliance with exceptional manufacturer and distributor support for Australia.


Advances in sensors and reporting, quietness and odour containment, combined with a sleek modern clean open bezel, provide a living space look and functionality that is a big uptick in streamlining integrated living in shared cat family spaces, ahead of the workhorse serviceability and durability tested over time of the robust Litter-Robot 3 Open Air, provides two great options to pick the fit for use of this exception appliance range.


A quick snapshot comparison of features helps review a fit for need for choosing Litter-Robot 3 versus Litter-Robot 4.


One of the questions is how soon you want to stop scooping, and are you looking for an integrated in your space appliance, or a workhorse to cater to your cat’s needs but perhaps not quite so front and centre in your living space?


Both versions are solidly and soundly engineered, designed to be as simple to operate as possible, but there are definitely differences between the 2 models that will influence which investment you choose.


Both choices come with a 2-year warranty and 90 day money-back guarantee.  All guarantees, warranties and customer support are provided in Australia by Australians who own and love their own Litter-Robots, so they know how important managing the litter box needs for customers and their cats are with no more scooping essential to good home life.


Exciting to have a new version coming soon to serve cats down under alongside the popular Litter-Robot™ 3 automatic cat litter box for Australian cats. Which one will you choose to keep your litter box managed?litter-robot-4

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