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Litter-Robot™ 4

Litter-Robot™ 4

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Stop scooping cat litter, address litter box odours, and give your kitty a clean bed of litter every time with the amazing Litter-Robot™ 4. Elegant modern design maximizes comfort for cats of all sizes. Litter-Robot™ 4 features advanced litter-sifting technology, reduced litter tracking, and real-time monitoring of waste and litter levels through the Whisker APP. Join 1 million pet parents who’ve upgraded how they share their space with their beloved cats and enjoy no more scooping!

  • No scooping
  • Super quiet cycling
  • Well-contained litter box odours
  • Reduced litter tracking with included fence & step
  • Monitor litter box usage when out and about
  • MultiCat design suits up to 4 cats
  • Includes Litter-Robot 4 Fence

Link for user manual

Always be sure any cat or kitten in your household that might use the Litter-Robot weighs at least 1.36 kg. Cats must weight 1.36 kg or more to safely use the Litter-Robot 4 in Automatic Mode

Litter Change Tip

Pro Tip, make sure you are using suitable clay clumping litter in the manual litter system BEFORE introducing the Robot, as familiar litter will help your cats recognise the Litter-Robot™ is a new litter box, just a different shape, and will make the transition faster and easier for all.

Important Delivery Note

The Automatic Litter-Robot™ 4 comes in a BIG BOX, and is delivered by Courier to your door from our Sydney warehouse, with signature required. You do need to make suitable arrangements for receiving the Litter-Robot™, so that you are not disappointed or delayed in receiving it asap. Please note Australia Post Offices and Boxes are not able to deliver or receive this item. If you need help with planning safe arrival, please email as redeliveries do incur additional costs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

Great product

Product needs improvements!

Litter Robot 4 - Purchased May24 - Australia

We have been using the litter robot just for couple of weeks now. At $1575 AUD it is the most expensive and shitter we have ever bought !! So obviously the expectation for it to perform well is very high. It came with the step, guard and 3 litter bag and a filter.

Reason we went with this compared to cheaper models is because we have 2 bigs cats. A ragdoll and a mainecoon. And we were under the impression it was the best one sizewise for these big floofs

1.Setting up was pretty easy.
2.It took about 1 week for both cats to get use to it and fully using it.
3.Emptying litter box dropped from 4 times a day to one time a week!


1.Where do I start!!
Litter choices- we are a tofu litter household and we and the cat both love it. The sieve of this robot is too small to filter tofu litter through and so many people are either cutting the sieve or grind the tofu litter to make it compatible. The lenght people will go to to keep their pets happy is to be admired. And this is something that litter robbot should address. As there are good clumping tofu litter on the marker. They should not force people to use clay litter or buy their tofu litter which by the way have some terrible reviews.since the inner glove is fully removable they should come up with a replacement glove with a sieve that is mainstream tofu litter compatible and allow customer to swap the globe out in a near future.

2.The litter guard is of hardly any use. As it does a bad job of stopping litter falling out. So they have come up with a shield to solve this. Again they should offer existing customer a discount voucher to purchase this to fix this current issue.

3. Globe hight.
The litter robot 4 is quite bulky in size but my mainecoon is quite tall and she finds it cramped to use.As a result she sits at the very edge of the entrance to pee or poo. As if she goes further in her face and head touches the sides.
As a result sometimes her bum will be hanging out and her poop will drop on thr floor. Because she pee at rhe edge when the litter cycles around most litter is dump in the middle and not right the the edges so the clumping is not that efficient at the edges because of this.

Litter robot should consider doing an open top litter box for larger breed so that they feel less cramped to move around. A bit like the Neasaka design that swings back to front instead of round. This will fix this issue for larger breeds. Unfortunately Neasaka do not ship to Australia unfortunately that would have been my choice.

4. The scale.
When my cat sits at the edge it does not register her weight properly.

My ragdoll who on the otherside uses the robot properly and go right in to pee or poo even his weight has not been registering properly now. I have raise this issue with the company and perform a reset. Will have to keep a close eye on this one.

5. Litter level.
Despite filling the litter to the mark and cycling sometimes the app will still say not at optimal and when you top up again and cycle. It then dump the excess Despite still saying not optimal level.

There should he a display ontop of the globe foe litter level as one doesn't always walk around with their phone to check the litter level. This should be something that you can see looking at thr robot just like the light changes blue when bin is full. It should also have an indicator light for litter level.

5. List of litter selection.

They now have a new feature on the app where you can select the brand and type of litter. This option should further be enhance for other litter option.

People should be able too add the litter name and country. This will also enhance their current listing database to capture maximum data and selection to chose from.

5. Since the app already captures the weight and time. They should add a dash board feature that enables people to see a summary of the time their cats uses the toilet and weight.

This product have still some way to go to make it an amazing gadget. And since there is a demand fir improvement the company should consider thr feedbacks
And enhance this product further.

Thank you for your feedback, which is always appreciated.
Addressing your points:
1. The Litter-Robot has been designed to work primarily with clay clumping litter as you are aware. Good quality clay clumping litter works best as it locks in uric acid (pee smell) better than plant based litters such as Tofu. Cat Evolution Tofu litter has been designed by request as a tofu that will work with the Litter-Robot, and reviews are 1 star from clay users, and 5 star from tofu users which reflects the difference in the 2 types of litter material and performance. There is no requirement to use any of the litters on the Cat Evolution website, as the Litter-Robot is designed to use a range of clay clumping litters, and some non-clay if the grain size works with the sieve although good clumping clay is the recommended litter type for the best experience. Possible septum or sieve size options is a suggestion that the Manufacturer Whisker may well be developing, as customer feedback is always welcome.
2. Guard. Developed to help keep litter in and to direct any inside front sprayed urine down into the globe. The Shield is a new development as an option for customers with cats that toss litter out of the opening, as an accessory.
3. Globe size. The Litter-Robot has the largest available globe for automatic litter boxes. Designed for the larger cats to turn and face forward so they are fully on the litter bed with heads in the open air. Sometimes some training is required to help with the issue. If not successful or suitable, there is a 90 day return guarantee (ensure you keep the packaging and return courier is at purchaser cost). Open top litter boxes do not contain litter as well, but do have the advantage if your cats are not comfortable in a more enclosed globe.
4. The Scale. The cat sensors are located in the 4 feet of the Litter-Robot 4, and need to be on a level hard surface for more accurate measurement. The cat does need to enter fully onto the litter bed for a good downward pressure to measure weight. Accurate weight measurement is not needed for the Litter-Robot to register use and cycle to clean. Whisker is also improving the APP ongoing to provide better and more accurate reporting and functionality.
5. Litter level. There is a line on the globe liner to make top up and level check easy when you attend to empty and top up. In addition, the APP provides information. Whisker are improving the APP for better and more functionality so ensure your app is set to auto update to take advantage of any improvements.
6. Litter brand and country are an excellent suggestion for customer to be able to add, given the most recent improvement to the APP by Whisker. Also Dashboard suggestion for app improvement, which will be provided to Whisker, who are generally responsive to good suggestions and regularly work to improve the experience.

Thank you again for your suggestions, and I trust the additional information will assist with your understanding and use of the Litter-Robot 4 at this time.

Anthony Smith
Next Level Cat Toilet

I have a couple of Litter Robot IIIs which I thought were awesome and they are. But the Litter Robot 4 is next level. It looks great and I can't believe how quiet it is compared to the LR3s. The only time I even know when it is cycling is when I think that I can hear rain but it's only the sound of the litter being moved into the pocket so that the clumps can go down to the waste draw. And there is no smell coming from the Lr4 whereas I could sometimes smell the LR3.

With the ability to weigh my 2 cats and tell me who is using it and when is a great feature. Also the ability to show me how much litter is in the robot and letting me know when I need to top it up is also a great feature too.

I highly recommend this as a must have item for your cats and they will love you for it and so will everyone else in the house.

I want another one! Thi has been such a huge time save

It took about two weeks for my five cats to transition to using this, and it has been absolutely brilliant. This has saved me so much time and effort from daily scoops and emptying bins, and was worth every dollar. I am actually thinking of getting a second one to move away from any of my manual litters in the home and will be saving up for it! The app is also extremely handy - you can clearly see which cat is using the litter and when. I absolutely recommend.
The sales support was also fantastic, I received a call as soon as I sent an enquiry through (but unfortunately never got to speak to Mary directly because of so many meetings in my calendar) and was also given a very informative and detailed list of which litters to use. I appreciate how the team always provide colesworth or ALDI alternatives to the accessories needed and aren't just trying to push their products onto you. They care, and honestly this has been one of the best customer service experiences I've had in my life.

Cat evolution 4

Love the cat evolution 4, the bengals took to it straight away. Would definitely buy again if needed. Thank you so much


Cat Evolution Specs

15 Volt DC

40 cm x 40 cm

Weight (Empty)
11 kg

Box dimensions
60cm wide x 60cm deep x 79cm high

56 cm x 69 cm


Our Guarantee

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Try the Litter-Robot™ 4 in your home for 90 days. You are protected by Cat Evolution's 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you or your cats are not fully satisfied with the Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air, for any reason, just return the Product within 90 days after receipt for a refund of the purchase price. Return shipping is at purchaser's cost.

The 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee applies to the Litter-Robot only, not accessories. Please ensure you retain your original box, inserts, manual and quick reference guide. To be in good order and cleaned as per manufacturers information

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Cat Evolution provides a 2 year warranty against manufacturing faults. During the warranty period, Cat Evolution will repair or replace your Product in line with Cat Evolution Warranty.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Shipping Policy

Thank you for visiting and shopping at Cat Evolution! 

Processing and Delivery Times

All orders are typically processed on the next business day (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays).

Standard shipping typically takes between 2-8 business days. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Additionally, nationwide delays (such as those caused by COVID-19, holiday volumes, or inclement weather) may impact your estimated delivery date.

Tracking Your Order

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number to track your order . Once you receive your tracking number, please allow up to 48 hours for the tracking portal to update.

Return and Refund Policy

Cat Evolution was created to enhance the lives of cat owners and their cats.  There will always an element of trial in finding the most suitable products for your individual pet, as all cats are different! We ask that you keep this in mind when choosing products, as you also know your cat/s the best.


We accept returns of non-consumable products (consumable products are items like waste drawer liners, cat litter, filters) within 30 days of the sale date for any reason. Items returned after 30 days may not qualify for a refund, or may incur an extra $25 restocking fee, except for the Whisker Litter-Robot III Open Air and Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect which are covered by the 90 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee below.


If your product arrives damaged or not as described on our website, we will gladly exchange it for an alternative or issue a refund. In these cases, return shipping will be arranged at our expense.


Please do not return items by COD or Return to Sender - contact us ( before you return anything. Any items returned to sender for any reason (including refusal, wrong address and unclaimed) will be refunded minus the original and return postage and a 20% restocking fee.


Change of Mind

In cases of 'Change of Mind' returns (eg wrong size or colour has been selected), we will accept returns as long as the item purchased is in a re-saleable condition, meaning it is undamaged, as new, unused, unopened and has all original packaging and tags intact. The return postage will need to be paid by the buyer and the original delivery charge will be deducted from the refund amount.


The original delivery charge is the amount charged to Cat Evolution by the carrier eg. Australia Post for shipping the item from our warehouse to your location and varies for each order depending on the volumetric weight of the parcel and the shipping location.  The shipping fees are generally built into the price of the item so delivery charges will be deducted from all returned orders due to Change of Mind, even those with free shipping, and will often exceed any shipping fee charged to the customer at the time of purchase. No additional re-stocking fees or surcharge will be deducted from ‘Change of Mind’ returns.


Warranty Claims

All non-consumable Cat Evolution products come with a minimum 12 month Warranty for manufacturing defects.


We are committed to honouring our obligations under the Australian Consumer Law. This means you can choose a refund or replacement if a product has a major problem. This is where the product:
  • Has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it;
  • Is not of acceptable quality or is unsafe;
  • Is not fit for purpose;
  • Is significantly different from the sample or description;
  • Doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked for and can’t be easily fixed.
Alternatively, you can choose to keep the item and we will compensate you for any drop in value.


If the problem is not major, we will at our discretion give you a refund or replacement, or repair the item within a reasonable time.


Please keep your proof of purchase (e.g. your receipt).
If a product has been deemed to be damaged or defective on arrival, we will replace a product or product part as deemed appropriate.


Whisker’s Litter-Robot Guarantee & Warranty

90 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The Litter-Robot III Open Air and Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect come with a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.  Try the Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air in your home for 90 days and experience what our satisfied customers already know, that the Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air is the automatic litter box that really works. You are protected by Cat Evolution's 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you or your cats are not fully satisfied with the Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air, for any reason, just return the Product within 90 days from receipt for a refund of the purchase price.  Return shipping is at purchaser's cost.


The 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee applies to the Litter-Robot only, not accessories (unless packaged in the same box).  Please ensure you retain your original box, inserts, manual and quick reference guide/paperwork for the 90-day period as needed for return.  All inclusions need to be in good order and cleaned as per manufacturers information.

24 Month Warranty

Cat Evolution provides a 24-month warranty against manufacturing faults on the Litter-Robot™ 3 Connect and Litter-Robot™ 3 Standard. During the warranty period, Cat Evolution will repair or replace your Product in line with Cat Evolution Warranty.

Litter-Robot Accessories

Litter-Robot Accessories are not covered by the 90 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  We will accept them as a Change of Mind return only.


Warranty is automatically voided where damage to the product is caused by reason other than manufacture defects, such as accident, misuse, improper use, abuse, faulty operation contrary to recommended usage, transportation damage or when product has been tampered, altered, modified, converted, repaired or serviced other than by us or without our permission.


If you are wishing to return a product or received a damaged shipment or product, please contact asap and provide photographic evidence to assist assessment.


Making changes and cancelling an order

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If you need to change your order, please let our team know asap including order number and we will assist where possible, and let you know our returns process. It is important that you do not return your order via “Return to Sender” as this will incur shipping fees that are non-refundable.


Thank you for your understanding