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Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)
Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)
Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)
Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)

Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter 16kg (4 x 4kg packs)

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A Few of the Benefits

  • 16kg supplied in four x 4kg packs for easier handling and low risk of spillage. Delivered in easy stack box.
  • Suitable for use in the Litter-Robot
  • Cost per kg is approx $3.45 with delivery via Australia Post.
  • Fast clumping action with good clumps which are easily removed without requiring you to empty the entire litter box, or waste unused litter
  • Economical with approx 1kg per cat per week usage in the Litter-Robot
  • The activated carbon works to reduce odour in globe and waste drawer
  • Made from highly absorbent bentonite clay
  • Medium ball shape specifically designed to be paw friendly but with firmer shape hold for easier tracking cleanup.
  • Disposal improved with the moisture capture and activated carbon continuing to work on odour even when in the bin until rubbish day
  • Formulated to improve absorption and reduce sticking in the Litter-Robot globe, keeping your Robot cleaner.
  • Carbon Clay to help with humidity issues that can be experienced with Premium version

Cat Evolution Superior Clay Clumping Litter will revolutionise the task of cleaning up after your cat, and return your living space to pet-odour free enjoyment*. When used in conjunction with the Automatic Litter Robot III Open Air, apartment living with a dirty cat litter box and the associated odour will be just a memory, as the modern world finally integrates with our needs for our pets. Even with an ordinary litter tray, Cat Evolution Superior Clumping Cat Litter will reduce odour with its fast moisture absorption and activated carbon working to capture odours to help keep your cat tray cleaner. Scooping is simple with soiled litter forming clumps easy to scoop out. An extra bonus is the added odour control even out of the litter tray. No more smelly rubbish bins, or swoonable billows from soiled litter liners and trays!

NOTE this item ships with Australia Post from our Sydney Warehouse and there maybe additional shipping charge depending on location.

NOTE: it is the customers responsibility to check tracking as any returned order for non-collection will be subject to charge for reshipping or refund.


    Ask a Question
    • I use tofu litter and am very happy with it. Can I use it with this or do I have to use the litter you sell? No dust and no odour.

      Generally Tofu litter is too large and too light for the sieving process, as the Litter-Robot is designed to use clay clumping littter, with particle size and weight important in sieving. Clay also locks in odour better as long as its clumping well.

      Cat Evolution Tofu is designed for the Litter-Robot and has added carbon for odour assistance in Australian summer conditions.

    • Is the litter when not used in a robot safe to flush?

      Generally, its not recommended to flush any cat litter as it can cause blockages. Clay clumping litter is not suitable for flushing. The Litter-Robot separates clumped soiled litter from clean litter, depositing in the waste drawer for disposal of only the concentrated soiled litter, which means less litter is used. Approx 1kg per cat per week of clay clumping litter is needed after initial fill.

    • Approximately how long will a bag of the cat evolution clumping litter last in a 2 cat household? I’d like to setup auto-reorder but am not sure of frequency.

      In the Litter-Robot III Open Air, approx 1kg of Cat Evolutio Superior clay clumping litter per week per cat (after initial fill). With 2 cats, a 16kg box (4x4kg bags) should be approx 8 weeks per box or 2 weeks per 4kg bag ;o)

    • How fine is this litter? Currently using "Feline First" and it is like sand and tracks quite substantially despite people saying it doesn't. Is this similar or is it more granular?

      Cat Evolution Superior Clay Clumping Litter is small balls, approx 2-3mm diameter. So more granular than sandy. If you are having trouble with tracking a litter capture mat is also very effective as litter drops through the first top layer and is trapped not tracked by the second layer.

    • Is this litter safe for kittens as there are many reports of clay based litter killing kittens. Is there an alternative that works in the robot that isn’t clay.

      Kittens should not be using any clumping litter until they are of age to be independent (minimum 12 weeks, preferrably 16 weeks). The Litter-Robot is designed for clumping litter, and minmum cat weight is 2.25kg, so not designed for small kittens.

      We do have a tofu litter available that works in the Robot, and Worlds Best Corn clumping litter works, but clay is the best choice for the appliance operations.

    • I have recently added the whiskers litter robot to our home. I have found the clay based litter is best for my cats. They are Devon Rexes and the tofu litter clings to their coat and gives them weeping eyes. I plan to continue to use the subscription clay litter however I will run out within the next week. Is there a substitute band anyone can recommend that runs well with the litter robot.

      We are restocking our Superior Clay Clumping Litter by mid Jan, so next week ;o) If you need to stretch your supplies, pick up a plastic tub of TidyCats (unscented) from the supermarket and mix in, with 50/50 ratio good as an interim measure. Tofu litter is best for Tofu users as it is completely different to Clay, as you have noted ;o) If Tidycats is not available, Trouble & Trix bicarb (petstore) is suitable but quite heavy, so fill to 2cm under the line on the black globe liner to avoid overweighting the globe which should have about 4.5kg of litter in it ideally. Do ask if you need further, and Happy Mew Year!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    As long as the cats like it...

    Had to try a different kitty litter as our normal brand was unavailable. I was ordering some other items from Cat Evolution and decided to trail their litter... So glad I did. Our cats are very fussy when it comes to which litter we use but they had no issue with this. Only issue we have is the amount of dust it produces. Otherwise totally recommend it!

    Janis Holplong
    Clumping clay good, delivery fee bad

    the clumping litter is great for what its designed for, however shipping is 100% of the price of the litter, im not sure how sustainable buying from cat evolution is for this.

    Thank you for your feedback Janis. We do try and ship as cheaply as possible, but use Australia Post which means that there are significant charges for non-metro deliveries. I have emailed you regarding bulk, so that we can see if the shipping can be improved!


    Good product and works great in the litter robot.

    Nicole S
    Superior to all other litter

    Clumps amazingly, removes the smells better than any other litter I've used over the years.

    anne dixon
    Litter that clumps perfectly

    After trying a couple of other alternatives because they were cheaper (and cheap does not always mean it is good quality) we bought the cat evolution litter. It is far superior. I am sorry that we did not buy it from the start. We have three Burmese cats who love their new Litter-Robot 4 and now love the clay clumping litter as they seem to know that any activity they make will be taken care of properly. It is not dusty and if a few of the particles go onto the floor from their paws, it is just a quick vacuum up. We all love it and will be only purchasing this.