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Litter-Robot™ III Carbon Filters

Litter-Robot™ III Carbon Filters

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Trap unpleasant odors and keep the Litter-Robot III Open Airwaste drawer fresh with replacement Carbon Filters.

  • (3) Carbon Filters
  • Compatible with Litter-Robot III Open Air

How often should I change the Carbon Filter?

For optimal odour absorption, we recommend changing the carbon filter every three months, if you have the recommended 2-3 cats per Robot. However, replacement frequency is up to you and your cats usage patterns. If using scented litter, the filter will need changing more often as it will also absorb the litter scent. Unscented litter is recommended. Frequency of changing the filter is dependent on number of cats, and litter being used, with carbon or activated charcoal helpful for additional odour control.

Note:The carbon filter is not necessary for the unit to function.


Ask a Question
  • With these filters what send should be up against the holes, the hard or soft end?

    They dont really have a hard or soft end. Either side is fine ;o)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great filter

Honestly, I've had cats for so long that I don't think I can really smell their business anymore but others in my house can and they say that this helps with the smell so I guess that's a win! :)

Kerrianne Webb

Arrived promptly, easy to fit, works well. Happy customer.

Amanda H

I use these they are great, like any filter in any kitty litter unit, we always give them a rinse with natural soap & water and put out in sun to dry and change with a dry one. When looses the charcoal we throw them but still using my original ones that come with the step kit, and the original one, we rinse weekly and replace with a dry one that is kept in a plastic bag, so far we have thrown away one, with 5 cats we clean out the tray every couple of days :) and the filter and tofu kitty litter replaced weekly - We love the Litter Robot and so do our cats

Heidi Caponi

The robot itself is awesome... but the massive delays and nil stock of the carbon filters is ridiculous. So disappointed after the huge expense in purchasing the robot to have this area in sales let us down! The smell from the tray is gross, and getting this whiff when we enter our home after working all day is awful!
Kind of defeats the purpose of why we purchased the robot!

Mrs Michelle Lindsey

I have had these on order for so many months. My cat is hating the smell coming from the box, so I have to get rid of the bags as soon as she does no 2. She is starting to use the other cat litter and also the bath.
Surely there is a time on when these will come, or stop selling the cat evolution.
The smell is so bad after she has been.