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Litter-Robot™ III DFI Kit including pinch detectors
Litter-Robot™ III DFI Kit including pinch detectors
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Litter-Robot™ III DFI Kit including pinch detectors
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Litter-Robot™ III DFI Kit including pinch detectors

Litter-Robot™ III DFI Kit including pinch detectors

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Litter-Robot III DFI

Purchase replacement infra red Drawer Full Indicator circuit boards and assembly for your Litter-Robot 3.

Includes DFI board assembly, DFI perspex covers.

Please review the installation videos before proceeding.

DFI Installation


NOTE its highly recommended you replace the Pinch Detectors as well as the DFI, as pinch detectors are subject to wear and tear and corrosion due to location.


Litter-Robot III Pinch Detector Terminals (2pk)

Replacement anti-pinch pins, or Pinch Detectors, for Litter-Robot III Open Air


Note it is recommended that pinch detector terminals be purchased if an upgrade kit or replacement DFI is purchased, as pinch detectors are subject to corrosion and debris, due to location in the the waste drawer cavity.

DFI kit includes pinch detectors.

NOTE touch points (heads) can be cleaned by pressing on the cover (DO NOT PULL as fragile by design and not covered by warranty if broken) to open the gap between heads. Wipe with a dry earbud or Qtip. If more cleaning is needed, a very light sand with fine sandpaper, emery board or similar to remove any corrosion or dirt, so there is good contact for power flow can be done, but replacement will be needed if sanded/abraded. Photos for review can be submitted at



Ask a Question
  • What can cause the DFI to fail?

    The DFI (narrow green circuit boards) can fail due to a manufacturing issue, which would not necessarily show any sign of issue. However, a more common visible issue is litter related, not manufacturing. Clumping litter that forms clean easy to scoop clumps is best to keep the appliance clean and low maintenance. 

    For the DFI, if litter is not clumping well, both the electronic board and the metal parts, pinch detectors, can be affected as uric acid in the urine deposits is best captured and contained in good clumping litter. Poor litter will release more uric acid in the waste drawer cavity, resulting in more smell issues and also corrosion. Poor clumping will also mean the globe is not kept scooped clean of soiled litter and odour and cleaning will increase. Poorly clumped soiled litter can also be distributed into unexpected areas, causing damage to components, and again, more odour.

    Review the pinch detectors, with the touch points the part that needs to be clean for good power flow. DO NOT PULL on the cover as delicate by design and easily broken (not warranty).

    Review the DFI left side board near the pinch detectors, for dust or debris both on perspex cover, and on the board itself. In particular, check to see if there is visible darkening on the silver chip pins left side of the black midboard chip square.
    The board has a clear resin coating, and it is worth cleaning any dust or debris off cover and board itself, as it can cause DFI issues.
    Turn off and unplug the Robot by removing the power supply from the back of the base (this also refreshes the software).
    Using a damp earbud or qtip, stoke outwards along the bars to clean off any material. Damp the earbud using clear alcohol or similar non-residue cleaning fluid, and then wipe the same way using the dry end to ensure there is no moisture left.
    Please also add a vertical strip of household sticky tape to just cover over the midboard opening to help with litter clumping and dust issues if you are not using good clumping litter. Apply starting above the board and you can wrap down and back up the rear.

    This may restore function but photos of any damage are able to be reviewed if provided to

  • Every time it cycles the draw indicates full . But it's not,do need a new sensor, I've cleaned it several times.

    If you are in Australia, please email to progress. If you are not in Australia (or New Zealand), please contact to check your distributor. If you have cleaned the DFI sensors and pinch detectors, and you are still having the issue, it is likely you need to replace your sensors, with the Litter-Robot 3 designed for self installation of parts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
paolo traina

Fast delivery,
Glad that they have improved the green board by encasing in a clear plastic.

It Works!

The replacement part chip was smaller compared to the original. Maybe it was an upgrade? After following the video tutorial, it works! Saved me a couple of hundred bucks! It works better than the old sensor as I have not received any pinch detection notifications as much compared to the old one. Thanks CatEvolution!

Nicole S
Fantastic Service - Very easy to install

Mary is fantastic to deal with. So helpful - and using the videos I was able to install both very easily and get my litter robot back up and running quickly.

Elizabeth C
Fixed the isuues

Bit fiddle to instal if you’re not electronically savvy. Great customer support. Now the LR3 works again and I am sooooooo happy!!!

Works as described

Replaced my old style DFI sensor as it kicked the bucket after 2.5 years of heavy use. We have 5 cats so it did its dash. Seems to be much better than the last design and better protected. No issues yet. Seems to read more accurately as well.