Litter-Robot III Pinch Detector Terminals (2pk)

Litter-Robot III Pinch Detector Terminals (2pk)

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Replacement anti-pinch pins, or Pinch Detectors, for Litter-Robot III Open Air


Note it is recommended that pinch detector terminals be purchased if an upgrade kit or replacement DFI is purchased, as pinch detectors are subject to corrosion and debris, due to location in the the waste drawer cavity.

DFI kit includes pinch detectors.

NOTE touch points (heads) can be cleaned by pressing on the cover (DO NOT PULL as fragile by design and not covered by warranty if broken) to open the gap between heads. Wipe with a dry earbud or Qtip. If more cleaning is needed, a very light sand with fine sandpaper, emery board or similar to remove any corrosion or dirt, so there is good contact for power flow can be done, but replacement will be needed if sanded/abraded. Photos for review can be submitted at


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