• LR Waste Drawer Liners (50)
  • LR Waste Drawer Liners (50)

LR Waste Drawer Liners (50)

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Go green with biodegradable waste drawer liners. Eliminates plastic waste and fits perfectly in your Litter-Robot waste drawer.

  • Includes (50) waste bags
  • Compatible with any Litter-Robot model
Reviews (1)
Belle and Bronte, 14/01/2017
We are two Birman cats who received the Litter Robot and these waste bags as a gift for our birthday. Let's keep this review brief. WE LOVE THEM.
You don't have to use these waste bags as other large bags will also fit the drawer, but these bags are biodegradable and as we are green envionmentally friendly kitties this is a no brainer.

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Dimensions: 60cm x 74cm
Volume: 35-42 litre usable capacity
Compatible with any Litter-Robot model

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