• LR III Open Air Fence
  • LR III Open Air Fence
  • LR III Open Air Fence

LR III Open Air Fence

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The Litter-Robot Open Air Fence is an accessory that fastens onto the bottom of the Globe entrance. It promotes your cat’s full entry into the Globe and acts as a barrier to contain kicked-up litter.

  • Prevents messes
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to install - no tools required


Reviews (1)
Belle and Bronte, 25/06/2017
We are two Birman cats and we LOVE our Litter Robot (affectionately known as "poo bot"). We also love vigorously covering our waste so as a result we sometimes either kick the litter so high that it comes flying out of the Litter Robot or we try and use the rubber surround at the opening to cover it up. We started damaging the rubber surround with our claws so our humans intervened and bought us this Open Air Fence. It is really awesome. It stops the flying litter problem and also encourages us to use the litter for waste cover up, rather than the rubber part around the opening.
We are all very happy, and we love our Litter Robot more than ever!

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