• LR III Carbon Filters & Seal Strip Kit
LR III Carbon Filters & Seal Strip Kit

LR III Carbon Filters & Seal Strip Kit

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Trap unpleasant odors and keep the Litter-Robot III waste drawer fresh with replacement Carbon Filters and Seal Strips.

  • (3) Carbon Filters
  • (1) set of Seal Strips
  • Compatible with Litter-Robot III Open Air

How often should I change the Carbon Filter?

For optimal odour absorption, we recommend changing the carbon filter every three months, but replacement frequency is up to you and your cats’ usage patterns. If you use scented litter, we recommend changing the filter more often as it will also absorb the litter scent.

Note:The carbon filter is not necessary for the unit to function.


How often should I change the Seal Strips?

Replace the seal strips when you notice they are worn flat or peeling up. You can make them last longer by trimming loose edges between replacements. Be careful not to wet them when cleaning the Base or they may begin to peel. To maintain them, use a lint roller or vacuum to remove debris.

Note: Seal Strips are not required for the unit to function.
To learn more, visit our Knowledgebase.

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Includes: (3) Carbon Filters and (1) set of Steal Strips compatible with the Litter-Robot III Open Air.

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