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Auto Robot litter Robot Service
Mary did a fantastic job of identifying the problem and fix it instantly even if the machine is out side of its warranty. Thank you Mary. Highly recommending the litter too, not only it is not dusty, it is highly odourless, much better than the other litter offered by Petbarn or City Farmers.
Justin, Perth
Customer Service
Hi Mary, I have to say your customer service is amazing. Thanks again for great service.
Deb H,
Customer Service
My sincere thanks for replacing the unit… and making the process so smooth ! … Our cat is now drinking from the new unit … and it’s almost silent in comparison ! So we are very happy with the unit in it’s intended operational state and value your exemplary customer service.
Aymeric D, Alexandria
Great support
There is great support when issues with the litter robot arise. Fast email replies, and easy steps to resolve any issues. We are very happy with the support.
Thuy, Sydney
Customer Service
I have purchased the litter robot and the cat tower. Plus supplies of the clumping litter. I am very happy with the products. The litter robot is amazing. And the cat tower is such a clever design - good quality wood and very cleverly designed for easy construction. Pricey but worth it in view of the quality. Can’t recommend this company enough. Everything is easy and fast delivery. And the customer service from Mary is great
Sharon, Melbourne
Excellent After Sales Service& Product
Cannot fault Mary’s prompt, genuine service at all. She was so helpful and responsive to all my questions, best customer service I’ve ever received. Puts a lot of faith in the product you’re buying when you receive such fantastic communication. As for the Robot, my cat absolutely loves his new domain and we can’t complain either! No nasty smells and it is making our lives so much easier!! Thankyou Mary for all your help, Adriarna & Bartok.
Adriarna , Benalla
I rang Mary at Cat Evolution in regards to getting another liner for my litter robot (My cat doesn't know how to bury his business properly and scratched his way through the liner over the course of a year - pretty tough durable liner though!) and she was amazing with assisting me in ordering a new one and with the instructions on installing it. Mary put the order in on the same day and it was delivered in 4days afterwards :) AND she Kindly put this under warranty for us. AMAZING! I cannot thank her enough for making this such an easy process. Th e fitting of the liner was super easy and took me roughly 20 minutes - including cleaning of the robot during the process. We just love our litter robot. We have three cats using it and they love it! Highly recommend and well worth the money. Amazing product!
Michelle Carter , Melbourne
Litter Robot
Expensive yes.....worth it definitely!!!! with a multi cat house household this device is a lifesaver reducing odour, tracking and only emptying tray once a week.......our only disappointment has been we couldn't afford another one for our upstairs cats.
Neal, Townsville
Customer Service
it’s a wonderful product backed by equal service.
Fran X,
Customer Service
Your customer service is outstanding!! I'm happy to let everyone know how good you guys are .
Craig D,
Best Ever Pet Purchase
The robot is THE BEST !!! It has totally transformed my life and enjoyment of my 2 fur babies moving into a pet friendly apartment after being outdoor cats. I can't imagine life with cats in an apartment without the robot now - it definitely was the best investment ever. It seems an expensive outlay initially if you have never had one, but it has paid for itself time and time again. So litter efficient, so clean, to easy to use, there is no smell and I can leave the cats alone for long weekends without worry having an automatic feeder too. I can change the bag weekly with two cats!!! Any questions, and the back up service from Mary is unbelievable - no question is too much trouble and responses are quick. For me it was an impulse order on a Sunday night and by Wednesday it had arrived and all in place to go! The cats transformed easily and also love it as its always clean for them. Can't recommend it more highly.
Wendy, Sydney
lost kitty litter order
Having had australia post screw up my delivery for 2 weeks, I emailed these guys in evening on Saturday. Shockingly I had a lovely lady respond almost instantly and assured me it would be dealt with on Monday. Today (Monday) I was amazed to get a call this morning from a wonderful lady telling me the whole thing was fixed and my order would be delivered tomorrow. I must say Cat Evolution could teach many MANY company's how to do bizz. They are some of the nicest most professional people I've ever dealt with. My litter robot and soon to be auto feeder are two of best purchases I think I've ever done. Thank you guys so much, and my cat Zana thanks you too :)
Andrew Neilson, Perh
Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for the delivery which I received today. The process was incredibly efficient
Sharon D,
After Sales Service
I am disabled and had minor issues with one of the products. Well, the after sales service was second to none. I strongly recommend purchasing any product from Cat Evolution. This is a company leading the field in innovation, simplifying our daily chores with industry leading automatic gadgets. Get behind this company and support there next innovation, I am. You won't be disappointed and if you are, they can fix that for you if need be. It's always great to buy a product, but getting after sales service is another story. This company will go a long way and will revolutionize our lives, WATCH THIS SPACE. Rega rds, Danny B
Danny B, Gold Coast
Excellent After Sales Service
I had to reconnect my 2 Smart Feeders to a new router and had technical problems doing so I emailed Cat Evolution on Saturday not expecting a response until Monday, or if they were like most Australian companies not until the end of the week, if ever. However, to my surprise, Ken replied within 30mins and continued to troubleshoot until Sunday afternoon when we got the issue sorted I have nothing but praise for their excellent customer service. They went above and beyond to help me find a solution. I only wish more Australian companies treated their customers like this
Craig , Manly NSW
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