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lost kitty litter order
Having had australia post screw up my delivery for 2 weeks, I emailed these guys in evening on Saturday. Shockingly I had a lovely lady respond almost instantly and assured me it would be dealt with on Monday. Today (Monday) I was amazed to get a call this morning from a wonderful lady telling me the whole thing was fixed and my order would be delivered tomorrow. I must say Cat Evolution could teach many MANY company's how to do bizz. They are some of the nicest most professional people I've ever dealt with. My litter robot and soon to be auto feeder are two of best purchases I think I've ever done. Thank you guys so much, and my cat Zana thanks you too :)
Andrew Neilson, Perh
Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for the delivery which I received today. The process was incredibly efficient
Sharon D,
After Sales Service
I am disabled and had minor issues with one of the products. Well, the after sales service was second to none. I strongly recommend purchasing any product from Cat Evolution. This is a company leading the field in innovation, simplifying our daily chores with industry leading automatic gadgets. Get behind this company and support there next innovation, I am. You won't be disappointed and if you are, they can fix that for you if need be. It's always great to buy a product, but getting after sales service is another story. This company will go a long way and will revolutionize our lives, WATCH THIS SPACE. Rega rds, Danny B
Danny B, Gold Coast
Excellent After Sales Service
I had to reconnect my 2 Smart Feeders to a new router and had technical problems doing so I emailed Cat Evolution on Saturday not expecting a response until Monday, or if they were like most Australian companies not until the end of the week, if ever. However, to my surprise, Ken replied within 30mins and continued to troubleshoot until Sunday afternoon when we got the issue sorted I have nothing but praise for their excellent customer service. They went above and beyond to help me find a solution. I only wish more Australian companies treated their customers like this
Craig , Manly NSW
Litter Robot
I work night shifts & I like nothing more than coming home & spending quality time with my 3 cats. I get to do that now with my litter robot. Previously I would come home & spend up to an hour each day cleaning & restocking our 4 trays. That extra hour per day spent with my furbabies now is priceless!
Sarah Graham, Melbourne
Its fantastic best money I ever spent, also have to say that response to my queries has been great, have recommended it to my friends. Thanks for a great product and first class service.
Robert Williamson,
Ltter Robot
I purchased the litter robot 2weeks ago, and it has changed my life. I no longer get up in the morning and clean litter, or as soon as walk in after work. I was patient with my cats, and now they both use it willing as it is always clean. It's a life saver. The added bonus is the customer service. Brilliant.
Kristen, Maryborough
Litter Robot
This is honestly my favourite purchase this year! Took two days to transition my adult Sphynx from the litter box to the Litter Robot, works a charm and he loves it,, as do I, no more litter box smell, zero, and no more scooping. Thank you much Cat Evolution for a great sales experience, super quick shipping and all in good order.
LisaM, Newcastle NSW
90-day return
Cat Evolution provides the ever best experience for the LItter Robot. My cat failed to transit successfully to use the Litter Robot after few weeks trial. The return process and speed is amazing. The handling people provided very professional advise, instruction and service to me. Great product, great people.
Christie Ye, Melbourne
We've had our Litter Robot for a year now and I absolutely love it! Can't imagine life without it. I love cats, but I don't love litter and this solved all of the problems. It also allows us to go away for 2 or 3 nights without having to put our cats into boarding kennels (as we have an automated feeder and waterer as well). I have had 1 warranty claim and was totally satisfied with the service I received. All sorted within 2 days. Can't fault the robot or the service. What a great invention!
Kerri, Birkdale
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Whilst a lot of us gulp at the price of the litter robot, we quickly become dependent on it and wonder how we'd ever lived without it. When my 14mth old litter robot started to play up recently I was devastated and a little scared how much it was going to cost. I got in contact with Cat Evolution to request some help. And help I got ! Mary was fantastic, responding immediately and genuinely dedicated to solving the issue and getting me back on 'automatic'. The level of service and follow up was second to none, talking through different options with me to try at home and sending replacement parts, and I never felt like my issue was a frustration to them. This was customer service at its very best ! Many thanks to Mary and the Cat Evolution team !
Customer service
We have had our robot for about a year now, we have four cats that have all adapted without a problem. We had an issue with our robot after a few months. Despite all of Mary’s excellent knowledge it just didn’t want to work. We needed to send the robot back for repair or replacement which scared me. I didn’t want to be without it. Turns out I didn’t have to. Within a couple of days a courier was here with a replacement and took the problem one back with him. There was never any hesitation or questions about it being returned, only an apology for the inconvenience. Not only is this robot magnificent, knowing that if any thing does go wrong we are in good hands with the product knowledge and customer care shown by Mary Keep up the good work Sharryn DD
S. Davey, Melbourne
Litter Robot 3
I was a bit disbelieving when I bought this unit but needed to try something to help my Asthma. So after getting it delivered (very quickly I might add), within an hour my little Russian Blue had started to inspect it. By time another hour had gone by she had used it an was after that hooked. Got to say I live it. Yes its expensive but it takes away a lot of messing around an the room is cleaning with it. VERY HAPPY!! Would and have recommended it to everyone I know with cats.
Andrew Neilson, Perth
Litter Robot
CatEvolution are professional, lovely to deal with. The litter robot is AMAZING!!! I have 2 persian cats at home, I cant stand cleaning the standard trays every day, but with the litter robot, SO CLEAN and EASY, no dealings with poop anymore! I empty the tray maybe once a week, clean the robot once every 2-3 months. Everyone is happy
Nikki, Melbourne
Litter Robot Repair
Thank you Mary for your stellar customer service with my recent repair issue! Much to my horror (and the horror of my two little feline babies) my indispensable Litter Robot III developed a sensor problem last week. Despite having purchased my unit overseas before they were available in Australia, Mary not only solved the problem quickly and painlessly, but also ensured that the part was covered under warranty!! She sent through detailed instructions on how to make the repair ourselves, and we replaced the part with a few minutes work. Absolutely the best customer service you could ever ask for, and within less than a week, we were all back up and running again, and the unit is making our litter lives a pleasure once again!! Thank s again Mary and all the team at Cat Evolution - I cant speak highly enough of you or the Litter Robot III!
Libby Pashley, Dolans Bay
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