Customer Testimonials

Litter Robot
CatEvolution are professional, lovely to deal with. The litter robot is AMAZING!!! I have 2 persian cats at home, I cant stand cleaning the standard trays every day, but with the litter robot, SO CLEAN and EASY, no dealings with poop anymore! I empty the tray maybe once a week, clean the robot once every 2-3 months. Everyone is happy
Nikki, Melbourne
Litter Robot Repair
Thank you Mary for your stellar customer service with my recent repair issue! Much to my horror (and the horror of my two little feline babies) my indispensable Litter Robot III developed a sensor problem last week. Despite having purchased my unit overseas before they were available in Australia, Mary not only solved the problem quickly and painlessly, but also ensured that the part was covered under warranty!! She sent through detailed instructions on how to make the repair ourselves, and we replaced the part with a few minutes work. Absolutely the best customer service you could ever ask for, and within less than a week, we were all back up and running again, and the unit is making our litter lives a pleasure once again!! Thank s again Mary and all the team at Cat Evolution - I cant speak highly enough of you or the Litter Robot III!
Libby Pashley, Dolans Bay
Litter Robot and service
We have been loving our Litter Robot for the last 6 months (in QLD). It has made life easy (cleans itself, we don't have to touch litter daily, does not smell) and the cats have no problems using it at all. However, when it developed a fault, we were so so disappointed. I immediately contacted Mary (via the email on website) even though it was a Sunday. We gave her a thorough account with photos of the problem. I hadn't expected anything to happen for a few weeks (as one usually expects these days) and was dejectedly getting ready to go back to the old tray method. Well, I was very wrong! Mary responded on the Sunday and by that Tuesday (2 days later), we had received a replacement Litter Robot- brand new and in working order (from WA). The speed was incredible and we were not inconvenienced at all. Mary made it so easy. We packaged up the old one and the Catevolution courier collected it later that week. I am absolutely amazed and congratulatory on such a speedy, efficient and effective service. The Litter Robot may initially seem to some as if it is a steep investment, however, it is so well supported by Mary and the team at Catevolution that I would consider it very low risk. Not only that, but, it pays for itself easily by how luxurious it is not to be grovelling in the litter tray a couple of times a day. It is an awesome machine backed up by absolutely excellent service and it is so nice to be 'back on automatic' again. Thank you!
Alex , Gold Coast
Litter Robot
I am so happy that I made the investment in this machine a busy lifestyle and two cats in the house the Litter Robot has made life so much easier
Libby Sharpe, Tenterfield
Cat Sensor Replacement
Hey there. Thanks for emailing to check. We installed the new sensor a couple of days ago and I've just been monitoring the litter robot to see if its back to normal. And good news! Its now back to normal and sensing both of my cats. We are very happy. Thanks so much for your help. You have been very supportive as well as solve our issue very quickly. We are very pleased with your service.
Thuy, NSW
Litter Robit
We have had our litter robot for a month now and absolutely love it . We had a little issue with the shield at the start and Mary was so helpful and replaced it very quickly So nice to have such great fast customer service before and after you buy a product We have 2 Sphynx who use a lot of litter lol but not anymore this has saved so much money on litter & time no more spending ages cleaning out litter trays it's wonderful It's seems like a lot of money but it's so worth it We love it
Donna , Melbourne
Great Customer Service !
Thanks so much Cat Evolution for chasing up the litter that went missing (courier service issue - nothing to do with Cat Evolution) - everything has now arrived safely and we couldn't be happier with the great level of personal service - unusual to find nowadays, as well as the products. I would definitely recommend this product and your company to other cat lovers worried about leaving multiple cats unsupervised for a short while. Thanks for working so hard to provide great products and personal services that allow us to spend time enjoying our cats.
Audrey, Kingston ACT
Litter Robot III and Premium Cat Litter
We made the race decision to invest in one of these and it arrived a few days after we ordered it (which is never the case when you live in Darwin). Our 2 largest boys took to it straight away and we very intrigued with the fact that it moved. The smallest and youngest boy took a little longer to feel comfortable with it, but now there's no looking back for us... With our old litter in the robot we noticed that there was a fair bit of residue left in the barrel, but the premium litter works so well, that there is basically nothing left after a clean cycle. There is also no odour and it has made having 3 cats so much less of a chore... I would highly recommend both of these products.
Leah, Darwin, NT
Automatic Cat Litter Robot and Premium Cat Litter
Absolute fantastic product, no more bending 3 times a day to pick up litter, no more smelly rooms, no more frequent dirty work. Both rag doll cats love it, adopt it in a very short time. My only suggestion is to use premium litter with the robot for best result. Lastly, excellent customer support.
Justin, Perth
Litter-Robot III Open Air, Ordered!
It arrived today, I must say I was concerned I'm buying such an expensive unit for litter but this email reassured me that I had made the right decision not only have I received a premium product but it arrived within 3 days within purchase plus the service provided with this email was above and beyond. In a word of faceless transactions you have made this a very positive experience thank you. Hopefully the unit prevents my fussy cat going to the toilet everywhere but the litter tray and I get to have a world of easy clean up too. Thanks again, really impressed
Tim, VIC
Litter Robot
What a winner!!!! Nick named by friends the R2-D-Poo is awesome. We have two ragdolls that are indoor cats and the litter tray is in the laundry which is the back door entry. After a day at work or been out and when you open the door the smell was pretty nasty especially in warm weather. Not anymore!!!! Our cats took no time in using it both jumped in on the first day at home. Well worth spending the $$$ to get a great efficient product.
Kym, Mt Barker
I purchased the Litter Robot in hopes that it would ease the litter duties of my 3 rescued kitties, and at first though there was hesitation i thought it was going to work. Unfortunately, we got close to the 90 day trial and it was clear that their personal choices was that of their previous litter and position. I contacted Mary and she was the standard of customer service that one hopes for, very accommodating and understanding, and helpful in the returns process. I had not used a courier service before, but once i found one that took this size package, they came and picked it up, easy. Refund was given after arrival back at their warehouse. I wish my cats had taken to it, but that i could get a refund is what made this great product stand out.
Kat, Sydney
Everything as described!Very happy customers. Thank you for distributing this in Australia. Amazing customer service! Thank you Mary! Happy holidays from our cat family
D., Melbourne,Vic
Customer Service
Mary,thank you.You have been amazingly accessible and helpful.Much appreciated.
Anne Cohn, Woollahra
Great customer service
I had a slight issue with my Litter Robot not cycling after my cat exited the unit, and after every cycle, it would indicate that the drawer was full. I contacted Mary who responded almost immediately and provided a few helpful hints to try fix the problem. In the end, after having the unit unplugged for roughly one hour, then pressing the reset button seemed to solve the problem, I haven't had a problem since. Great product and even better customer service!
Sheldon, Kensington, VIC
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