Glynn Parry 31/12/2020
Would probably just buy the cat litter robots 3 without connect next time. Don't know how accurate the tracking is on the app. Seen the cat's use it and not recorded in history. The robot itself is top notch though so would give that five stars. I had a problem where it wasn't cycling and was getting frustrated because was having to press the button each morning and night. Called up and asked what was going on and turned out I had the robot touching the wall. Does need to be off the wall for it to register the weight of the cat. Has worked fine ever since. I ended up buying a second robot and have since got rid of all the other cat litter trays. The cats do like to watch it rotate. Would like to see it have rubber feet to stop it moving so easily on the floorboards.
Tracey E 15/11/2020
This is a game changer! My 2 cats took to it easily after following your tips on how to transition. Wish I'd purchased sooner. Would highly recommend for any cat owner...
Sandy R. 28/09/2020
Well that didn’t take long. Best bit is he loves watching it turn ????
Kieran P. 27/09/2020
We could not be happier with the Litter Robot... what a genius invention and must have for any cat owner.
Nikki 16/09/2020
This has been a huge success for my two cats, they were a bit suspect at first but using the hints and tips provided by the team, after a few days they were using it and have not looked back. They love having their litter cleaned almost immediately, whether I am here or not. Easy to clean and uses a lot less litter (and I highly recommend the charcoal litter). I love the app, allows me to keep on eye on how often it being used and when its full. Very happy with this purchase.
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