Stephen H. 18/03/2021
Our Litter Robot arrived Tuesday, our 2 cats are using it now with no problems! Our older Devon Rex who we think has had a stroke earlier this year was the first to use it. I set it up Tuesday afternoon and didn't even show her. She manages to get in and out no problems. It seems to be a game changer so far.
Southwell 02/01/2021
My Ragdoll kitty has taken over a month to embrace the Litter-Robot because she has ongoing upper respiratory issues which affect her smell so she did not recognise it as her new place to go. Most cats take to it in a very short time. Not mine!

We had a dual system manual/robot going for about 2-3 weeks and in the end we went “cold turkey” because she needed that little push to start using the robot. Preparation before "cold turkey" is essential and worked for us.

The Cat Evolution team helped me so much with tools on how to get my cat to transition and all of it contributed to our success. My kitty is now fully using the Litter-Robot.

I recommend it highly and particularly as I knew my kitty was going to be a hard nut to crack but she got there in the end. Persistence is the secret because Cats hate change too fast.

Glynn Parry 31/12/2020
Does what is advertised. Cat poops, it waits 7 minutes spins around and poop is gone. So much easier. Clean out the bag twice a week. Did buy the fence to stop the litter coming out but my still growing kitten exits so fast it shoots out the litter still. We are now looking at buying a cat litter mat to see if that will help.
Glynn Parry 31/12/2020
Would probably just buy the cat litter robots 3 without connect next time. Don't know how accurate the tracking is on the app. Seen the cat's use it and not recorded in history. The robot itself is top notch though so would give that five stars. I had a problem where it wasn't cycling and was getting frustrated because was having to press the button each morning and night. Called up and asked what was going on and turned out I had the robot touching the wall. Does need to be off the wall for it to register the weight of the cat. Has worked fine ever since. I ended up buying a second robot and have since got rid of all the other cat litter trays. The cats do like to watch it rotate. Would like to see it have rubber feet to stop it moving so easily on the floorboards.
Tracey E 15/11/2020
This is a game changer! My 2 cats took to it easily after following your tips on how to transition. Wish I'd purchased sooner. Would highly recommend for any cat owner...
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