Petwant Filter Replacement (2 Pack)
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The Petwant Filtered Water Fountain Filters, replaceable when needed, are available in an easy-order 2 pack. Based on average water condition, and use for 2 cats, the filter needs to be changed every 2 months, and the Fountain will display a solid yellow light when the filter is in need of replacement.

Filters are designed to remove bacteria and chemicals from the water, providing fresh odourless water to encourage your pet to drink well and stay hydrated.

A solid yellow light on the Water Fountain indicates time to change, and the filter is located under the top plate, which can be removed after the fountain head is unscrewed. The filter rotates to a specified position to unclip and lift off. If not cleaned regularly, make sure the water is changed and the Water Fountain cleaned with pump filter (sponge) rinsed thoroughly when changing the filter.

The Petwant Filtered Water Fountain is designed to make your pet care automatic, and easy for you and your pet to enjoy more time together!