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Never Scoop Litter Again

Litter-Robot™ III Self Cleaning Litter Tray

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The Home Of Stylish Cat Products In Australia

We spend our days sourcing cat furniture from Paris to Perth. And we spend our nights testing them.

We know which products work.

We know which products last. We only sell products we’d use at home. It’s why we offer a personal customer satisfaction guarantee with every item sold.

Whether you’re picking cat beds handcrafted in Paris or our space-age fave – the Litter-Robot™ - and waving au revoir to scooping litter - your purchase is safe with Cat Evolution.

Featured Products

Litter-Robot™ We Love Cats

Go hi-tech with the Litter-Robot™ and never scoop litter again. It’s a self-cleaning litter tray. It’s an automatic litter box. It’s a robotic kitty litter tray.

Cat Trees

Purrfect for Apartment Living Our Contempocat wooden cat towers are stylish pieces of artwork made from eco-friendly raw materials.

Clay Clumping Litter

It’s the best litter on the market. We’d know. We spend our days looking at this sort of thing.

WIFI-Enabled Smart Pet Feeder

We use phone apps for banking, dating, and shopping… why not use them to feed your cat?

Premium Cat Litter

Better control odor, dust, and tracking with all-natural, premium clumping cat litter.

Water Fountain

Cats and dogs are drawn to moving water. It’s why we catch them drinking from the basin and the shower.

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