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Litter-Robot™ 4
Right Side view of Litter-Robot 4 automatic cat litter box for no more scooping
Left Side view of Litter-Robot 4 automatic cat litter box for no more scooping
Litter-Robot™ 4
Litter-Robot™ 4

Litter-Robot™ 4

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Stop scooping cat litter, address litter box odours, and give your kitty a clean bed of litter every time with the amazing Litter-Robot™ 4. Elegant modern design maximizes comfort for cats of all sizes. Litter-Robot™ 4 features advanced litter-sifting technology, reduced litter tracking, and real-time monitoring of waste and litter levels through the Whisker APP. Join 1 million pet parents who’ve upgraded how they share their space with their beloved cats and enjoy no more scooping!

  • No scooping
  • Super quiet cycling
  • Well-contained litter box odours
  • Reduced litter tracking with included fence & step
  • Monitor litter box usage when out and about
  • MultiCat design suits up to 4 cats

Link for user manual


Always be sure any cat or kitten in your household that might use the Litter-Robot weighs at least 1.36 kg. Cats must weight 1.36 kg or more to safely use the Litter-Robot 4 in Automatic Mode


Ask a Question
  • When is the Litter-box 4 expected to be back in stock?

    Thank you for your email and interest in the amazing Litter-Robot 4, the newest version of the well known and loved Litter-Robot, globally #1 most sold automatic Litter Box for cats.
    Im sorry we are already sold out of the incoming stock for 2023 (pre-order).
    We will certainly be getting more but wont be able to have stock into Australia before 2024 now due to shipping and supply challenges, landing  currently expected by early Feb. 
    Please go to our website and register to be notified when we open pre-order for the next shipment, which will likely be mid to late  December at this time (pre-order) for 2024 arrival, currently February 2024.

    We do have Litter-Robot 3 Connect in gunmetal Grey or Bisque if would like to stop scooping now, as in stock and able to ship next business day.

    As a tip, do ensure you are using suitable clumping clay litter in the manual system before introducing the new box shape for easier transition.
    Thank you for your understanding as we work to restock this popular appliance for Australian furfamilies!

  • I can't see if there is bags you have to order for the LR4. Can you use normal trash bags in it? or do you have to buy them regularly?

    The waste drawer liners on our website are suitable for both Litter-Robot 3 and Litter-Robot 4. Most economical is 100 pack. You can purchase normal extra large kitchen bin liners as well, opening 50+ cm.

  • Can a 10 week old kitten use the LB4 or should they be closer to 1 year old

    Rather than age, its cat weight that is important for the Litter-Robots and for Litter-Robot 4, minimum cat weight is 1.36kg. For Litter-Robot 3, it is 2.25kg. This is based on there being approx 4.5 kg of clean litter in the globe with an empty waste drawer.

  • Does this come with the larger fence to prevent urine leaks?

    The Litter-Robot 4 is the most recent version at time of shipping. We have the larger fence (now standard) and also include the heavy duty globe liner for better durability.

  • Hi, can you please recommend some different types of clay clumping litters that I can try to work out if my cats will use this type before I purchase this?

    Thank you for your email and question about good clumping litters, which are very important in keeping your Litter-Robot operating at its best.
    Key characteristics of a good clay litter are fast clumping, low dust, and if possible added carbon or activated charcoal for odour help in Australian summer conditions.
    We do have a good Clay clumping litter on our website, Superior Clay Clumping with activated carbon. You can review and purchase here
    We also garner information from our lovely Litter-Robot evolutionaries, as there is a lot of variation across States and country.
    Some brands that customers advise are working well currently are:
    Everclean Super Clumping
    Trouble & Trix deodorising (need to be 2cm under the line on the black globe liner as a very dense litter)
    NOTE Purina Tidycats (plastic tub) DISCONTINUED Catsan not currently clumping!
    PooWee (lavender and carbon) litter
    Smitten CLay Clumping (testing) is a basic starter from the supermarket.
    HOMEBRANDS can be good starters, with consistent grain size, not stony and sandy, best. They tend to be very dusty but for the purposes of getting started asap, or as a budget mixer, they maybe a good option.
    For deep cleaning, vacuuming using the brush attachment is helpful if your litter is dusty, particularly the DFI and pinch detectors area, to keep dust to a minimum. Dust becomes mud in high humidity, which can cause electrical pathing issues.
    If changing litters, do check that you have approx 4.5kg of litter in the globe with an empty waste drawer, to avoid overweighting the globe or activating the cat sensor during cycling from litter weight and movement.
    You can also mix litters, with 50/50 generally providing about 75% of better characteristics of each. This is helpful to use up litter if you are not finding one particularly good.
    To review litter quality, the globe should be cleaner, the odour good as clumping locks in odour (uric acid) and also, there should be good solid clumps in the waste drawer, not fragments.
    Do update if you find a good litter or mix, and ask if you need more assistance.
    Photos of waste drawers, litter packaging and globe for review can also be provided if needed.
    Note we are not a litter company as such, but work to provide the best customer support and information that we can to enhance your Litter-Robot experience!
    Also note that unless you are a Tofu user, the Cat Evolution Tofu with Carbon litter is not usually the more suitable product, with Superior Clay Clumping recommended. Tofu lovers love our Tofu but clay users dont!

  • How long will it take for the LR4 accessories to be sold in Australia?

    We have some of the accessories, if available, on the first arrival due mid September, but we are waiting for confirmation of what was included.

    We have another shipment on the way as well with more stock.

    Current accessories that should be arriving are step converter (for LR3 ramp), filters, seals, some litter mats. The LR4 stairs or ramp is still being worked on by the manufacturer. 

    The waste drawer liners for LR3 fit LR4, so you are welcome to purchase some of these if you wish now.

    We will also have the LR4 extended warranty in place soon, and you can purchase after you have your Litter-Robot 4, suggestion being once your introductions have been made so you and your cats are more familiar with the appliance.

    As a tip, make sure you have your cats using suitable clay clumping litter in their manual tray before introducing the Litter-Robot, to make transition easier and faster. If you need to check if your litter is suitable, just get in touch.

  • I’m currently using pellet sifting system. Can I still use these pellets or do I need a specific litter?

    The Litter-Robot is designed for clay clumping litter, with good clumps and low dust best choice. Pellets are too large and too light to use in the sieving process.

  • If I pre-order the litter robot 4, when will it arrive?

    We are expecting first arrival in September, but the Litter-Robot 4 on this shipment has been pre-sold. We have more available with arrival expected very early November.

    As a tip, make sure you have your cats using suitable clay clumping litter in their manual tray before introducing the Litter-Robot, to make transition easier and faster. If you need to check if your litter is suitable, just get in touch.

  • What are the main mechanical differences between this and the Litter-Robot™ 3? Is this just a bit of extra tech in a new shell or has the whole thing been redesigned from the ground up?

    The Litter-Robot™ 4 is the latest version of the Litter-Robot. It has been redesigned based on customer feedback and tech improvements, but based on the ball on the box design of the Litter-Robot™ 3.
    It might be best to have a look on the website at photos etc, and ask if you have specific details that you wanted to check as updated or different. For example, the motor is now almost inaudable with litter movement louder. The drawer is slightly smaller but holds more due to design alteration. Location and number of sensors is modified/changed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Love it. Looks nicer than the last one and the bags fit way better.


Best purchase and decision I have made waiting for the LR4 to come in. I’ve had the 3 connect in the past and I was happy with that one as well but I’ve really noticed the difference in the design and quietness of the new one. I’m finding it a lot cleaner and absolutely no smell. Great upgrade and design. Would definitely recommend it to any cat owner as it makes life so much easy. I’ve also enjoyed being able to have someone house sit for me and know they won’t have to deal with the cat litter and worst case its a simple bag change.

Nola Brannen

I have 3 cats & im so glad i bought this, my cats were all using this within a week of purchase, the fact i don't have to scoop anymore is amazing! I also like that its quiet, it lloks stylish, the night light is a great feature, easy to clean & i only have to change the bag once a week before my bin goes out for collection & it doesn't smell! The app is handy too. Im so happy ive thrown out the box it came in & i also purchased the 100 pack of bags they're great! I highly recommend the Litter Robot 4

Joanne Scott
Best buy!!

I had been holding off in purchasing a litter robot mostly because of the cost but am beyond happy I made the jump to the Litter Robot 4. With 2 ragdolls in the house it was a constant litter clean and battling with the constant smell but this machine is a definite game changer. So quite all you really hear is the litter moving, any lingering smell disappears as soon as the cycle is complete and the app makes it so easy to keep a check on which cats used it and when it needs to be emptied. Only took my two furkids a matter of days to transition from manual trays to robot. If your on the fence about the litter robot, I can highly recommend it. Well worth the money, a brilliant investment.

Cynthia Harragon
Exceptional Auto Litter Box

Have been using LR4 for 2 weeks now. Setup was a breeze. One cat was there during setup and used it as soon as we put the litter in the box. Second cat took a few days, and we are confident enough to remove the traditional litter box after a few days.
It looks sleek, very quiet and seals the litter smell exceptionally well. The app is very easy to use and provides full history of activities.
We are very happy with Litter Robot 4 and Cat Evolution's customer service is EXCEPTIONAL. Thank you!


Cat Evolution Specs

15 Volt DC

40 cm x 40 cm

Weight (Empty)
11 kg

56 cm x 69 cm


90 Money Back Guarantee

    • Try the Litter-Robot™ 4 in your home for 90 days. You are protected by Cat Evolution's 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you or your cats are not fully satisfied with the Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air, for any reason, just return the Product within 90 days after receipt for a refund of the purchase price. Return shipping is at purchaser's cost.
    • The 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee applies to the Litter-Robot only, not accessories. Please ensure you retain your original box, inserts, manual and quick reference guide. To be in good order and cleaned as per manufacturers information

      2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

      Cat Evolution provides a 2 year warranty against manufacturing faults. During the warranty period, Cat Evolution will repair or replace your Product in line with Cat Evolution Warranty.

    • Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.