Cat Litter

We love our cats, but we dont like manual litter trays. For most, the biggest issue is the odour. Litter trays quickly smell catty, and its a purrvasive scent that is distinctive, and difficult to deal with unless you are available to constantly scoop, clean, empty and renew your cat litter. Your cats also love a clean litter tray, for the same fresh odourless reasons. Unless you are in a position to outsource the job to an automatic Litter-Robot, the ingredient you have control over is the litter. A good litter should clump fast, to lock in and reduce odours. It should be low dust to keep the environment as clean as possible. And it should have additional odour control that really works. . Unlike scented litters which add scent to cover odour, premium litters with activated carbon or charcoal are excellent odour eaters, working to absorb and neutralise litter tray odours, as soon as deposits occur and until you can scoop. Activated carbon is a key ingredient in Cat Evolution Litters, which are designed to absorb and reduce odour in the litter tray, keeping it and the home cleaner and odour controlled for longer. It is effective even in an open tray situation, and while you still have to scoop, the manual litter tray is much easier to manage when you have the odour managed.

The Litter-Robot III Open Air is designed to use a wide variety of clay clumping litters, and some organic litters, but not all litters are the same. Density, volume, dust, particle size and shape, odour control and clumping all vary, and it can be confusing to know what is best. Whilst we are not a Litter Company, we do know that using a better product in the appliance generally provides a better experience. Low dust, fast clumping litter is good for the Litter-Robot and your cats. Additional odour control is helpful in our hot Australian summer conditions. Specifically sourced, and tested for compatibility with the amazing Litter-Robot III Open Air, the litters on our website provide a selection of clay clumping as well as a Tofu version for those who may prefer organic litter and love Tofu.  We have tested and used all of these litters and know they are suitable for the Litter-Robot, and also have additional odour help in the form of activated carbon to improve performance in hot Aussie summers. No litter is purrfect for every household, so we have a range to help decide what maybe most suitable to enhance the experience with the Litter-Robot, and also to help odour in manual litter boxes if you are still scooping. If you are not sure which litter to choose after checking the product information, you are also welcome to get in touch and we will pounce to assist your selection. 

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