Tips to Choose The Right Cat Litter Furniture for Your Precious

Tips to Choose The Right Cat Litter Furniture for Your Precious

Cats make the perfect pet. They are low maintenance, can take care of themselves and are independent. But let’s address the elephant in the room: they poop!

Having a cat litter box in the house is a messy eyesore, not to mention that it can cause a stink.

Traditionally, cat litter boxes are an unattractive element of owning a cat, especially for owners where the aesthetics of their home is important to them. The concern often lies in where to put the litter tray and the smell that comes from having the tray in a communal area of the house, such as kitchen, bathroom or living room.

We’ve rounded up a few solutions to your kitty litter tray dilemmas that will not only please you and your guest's noses but give your cat some much-needed privacy to keep them happy and healthy.

Cat Litter Furniture

Being concerned that your family and friends will notice the litter tray located in an inconspicuous location in your house when they come to visit is an issue that most cat owners face. Hiding your cat litter tray in furniture is a great DIY solution.


A cabinet is an ingenious way to hide your cat's litter tray. Using furniture such as a side table or cabinet with doors, or even the base of a pot plant is a great solution to hiding your cat litter box and provide your cat with some much-needed privacy. Using the space inside the cabinet not only conceals and helps contain the litter tray but allows you to store the tools needed to maintain hygiene for your cats, such as scoops and fresh litter. The litter tray is now hidden away and can seamlessly blend into the decor of your home. This option, however, does not address the scent of their mess.


The all in one solution

If you have a busy lifestyle, you might consider a self-cleaning litter tray.  There are a number on the market but if you're looking for an automatic litter tray then the Litter-Robot III Open Air is what you need. Automatic Litter Robot III Open Air.png

The great thing about an automatic self-cleaning litter tray, such as the Litter-Robot III Open Air, is that it provides the answer for both concerns. It answers the desire to have a tidy and well-presented home with its innovative design to fit your decor, and at the same time eliminates the chore of having to clean your cat's litter tray daily.

This device is designed to make cat ownership easy. The litter is automatically cleaned after each use and the soiled matter is deposited into a conveniently placed drawer underneath. You use less litter, reduce the spillage of litter, and reduce the strong odour of your pet's mess, plus you can say goodbye to scooping, forever!

The automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air features a large ergonomic litter chamber that has an upward facing entry making it inviting for cats, and gives bigger cats the freedom to feel comfortable and secure.

The modern design makes it easy to match with house interiors. The automatic self-cleaning action, providing a fresh litter tray after each use, cuts down on having to conceal multiple cat litter trays around your home, with each Litter-Robot recommended for up to 3 cats.

The Litter-Robot includes a gentle blue night light that can be used to aid elderly cats during their night time visitations, and the adjustable cycle timer can be set to your preference, depending on litter choice and clumping rate. You can choose a 3,7 or 15-minute time delay from the time your cat uses the Litter-Robot to the time it cycles and self cleans.

The slow roll of the Litter-Robot during the automatic cleaning cycle reduces the likelihood of dust. The Litter-Robot also has a ‘drawer full indicator’ so there is no need to ever unnecessarily open a smelly drawer to check if you need to change the liner.

The Litter-Robot III Open Air has successfully combined an aesthetic design with great functionality to meet an intimate and obvious need for all cat owners. It has tackled the problem of incorporating cat litter trays into the homes of cat owners, whilst making it discreet and always clean when guests come to visit. Most importantly, it provides a solution to the embarrassing odour of open cat litter trays, finally keeping it discreetly hidden from all senses.


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