Years In The Making- Litter-Robot™ 4 Coming Soon

Years In The Making- Litter-Robot™ 4 Coming Soon

LR4 Australia

It started with a man Brad Baxter, and his cats.


Not originally a cat man, but when the family added fur, an urgent need arose to have a reasonable solution to how to have the cat’s toileting catered for.


An automotive engineer predisposed to solving problems using technology in the most suitable way, Brad Baxter designed of the very first Litter-Robot™. AutoPets, now Whisker, was founded in 1999 and progressed through Litter-Robot 1, Litter-Robot 2 (classic and bubble) with the Litter-Robot™ III Open Air launching in Australia in 2016 following release a year earlier in USA.


A big leap in size and technology, the Litter-Robot™ III Open Air was upsized to cater for the largest of domestic cats, Maine Coons and Ragdolls which had previously only had manual litter box options. Litter-Robot 3 Open Air serviced the needs well, selling over 1 million appliances by early 2023, and is still very popular as a durable and reliable appliance to keep the litter box needs of multiple cats and families attended to.


8 years is a long time in tech terms, and it is timely to have a next generation of the Litter-Robot™ entering the market for more advanced litter box duties. Responsive to customer feedback, the Litter-Robot™ 4 has addressed some primary needs and a number of wants to improve how well the litter box caters to modern cat family needs.


Highest on the list was better odour containment, with good clumping clay litter still the best way to operate the appliance.


Ultra quiet operations, with litter movement noise the loudest sound, make the Litter-Robot 4 more suitable for integrated living spaces than most dishwashers or washing machines.


A more open globe for easier access for even the tallest cats.


A smooth and sleek design in cool white or dramatic black for urban colour schemes.


A better designed waste drawer for longer lasting storage and even less attendance to empty and re-stack, with a week possible for 2 or even 3 cats.


A longer warranty for peace of mind in investment in an appliance to serve your cat family for years.


APP remote monitoring and operation plus record keeping for individual cat information providing care and hygiene around litter box habits.


The Litter-Robot™ is the product of cat people, for cats and their people, and is the global market leader because of that unique perspective, and is as far from the traditional litter tray as a dishwasher is from a sink of dirty dishes.


Litter Robot 4
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