Setting the Cat Sensor

Setting the Cat Sensor

If your Litter-Robot Open Air is not registering your cat, you may need to fine tune the cat sensor. Its recommended to do from time to time, particularly when adding or topping up more litter, and if you change the litter, or do a deep clean/empty the litter and re-fill.

Its really easy to fine tune.

The sensor is actually located at the back of the unit, on the floor. So its important to have the Litter-Robot on a flat, preferably hard surface like tile or wood or similar, rather than carpet. If it is on carpet, you are best to put a large non-slip tile or board under it to give it a good surface to sit on (just like a set of scales for people). This allows the sensor 'foot' to contact the floor well. The sensor weighs the whole unit, so it will add up what is in the waste drawer as well as in the globe.

The process is: 

Empty the waste drawer (put in a new liner)

Top up litter to the usual level - just under the line marking on the inside bottom of the globe when using Cat Evolution Premium Clumping Cat Litter

With a solid blue light showing, push RESET button on the front panel once. (it will blink briefly once)

You should now be good to go ;o)

I usually reset the cat sensor from time to time, typically when I am changing the old waste tray liner for a new one, and topping up the litter. It makes sure the Litter-Robot has the base weight calculated ok, so that your cats weight then triggers the automatic cycle. 

If you want to check the sensor is working, you can test by pushing down either on the litter bed (like a cat) or on top of the globe front. If the light on the control panel changes from blue to solid red when you take your hand off, the cat sensor is working. Red is good - it means the Litter-Robot has registered the use, and is counting down to cycle. 

A great cheat sheet is the Quick Reference Guide: 

Do note that your cat does need a minimum weight of 2.25 kg, but there is no upper limit for the Litter-Robot (size matters ;o) 

If you have any issues or need further help, contact or call 1300 350 635.

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