Whats in a Bowl?

Whats in a Bowl?


Insight into the whys behind a product, and how it came to be part of the Cat Evolution range, provides greater understanding of how we look to meet the needs of our cats, and our Cat Owners. We were asked by an Evolutionary to check out the FelliPet bowls, particularly the shallow ones with metal inserts, for flatter faced cats and dogs such as Persians and pugs.

The Evolutionary had bought some of these lovely bowls for her Persians when overseas, and was unable to get any more reasonably in the Australian marketplace, even with economies of online buying, due to shipping costs to our distant Island.

The initial investigations proved the design and materials were quality, and that we maybe able to make a workable arrangement with FelliPet for importing to Australia.

As the next step, we procured some samples, and Shadow went to work with gusto, checking out the experience with his preferred wet foods.

The shallow bowl was not tested, as Shadow has the lovely long nose of an oriental, and we also had the review from our Evolutionary that the shallow version was very suitable to her Persians.

The delight is in the design with this particular bowl, the Oblik, which is a see through neon coloured base, catching the light depending on location, and stainless steel food grade removable inserts, dishwasher safe.

Its always the small touches that make the big differences. The angle is very important, as most cats struggle to consume from a flat bottomed bowl with straight sides, and end up taking out food, or flicking it out as they lick to the edges to chase down the morsels. Oblik stops that, with a lovely curve to ensure there is no empty centre of the bowl. Licking up, naturally, does not lick out as the angle encourages the food to drop back to centre, and clumped together for easy capture. The steel insert has a small finger grip, which doubles as the positioner into a subtle indent to keep the insert in the correct position and steady in place. The base, available in a small number of designer colours, is translucent, and easy clean. It can be left in place, and the insert filled and replaced when needed. In summer, it can double as an ice reservoir to provide a little extra luxury and hygiene for food sitting in the heat.

The double bowl set has one up and one down, to keep the peace if sharing, or to separate if there are different types in each level.

Oblik is designed and made in USA, and although relatively new, is the outgrowth of a well established home wares company, who excel at good design.

Felli Pet was launched in the year 2011 by Felli Housewares, Inc. With 30 years of experience in the plastic household business, a group of well experienced staffs from the pet industry, and a team of over 20 designers and CAD engineers, they certainly have all the abilities needed to make top quality designer pet products.

Their goal is to become one of the most popular brands in the pet industry, delivering stylish, functional and yet affordable designer pet products to all pet lovers. Certainly a great place to look to for a beautiful and fit for purpose piece.

Enjoy the difference, and feed the quality.

Fellipet Pet Bowls


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