Felli Pet Bowls - Best Cat Bowls in Australia

Pet bowls that are designed with both function and beauty in mind. 

Oblik Collection

The design of this collection focuses on providing an easier and healthier eating position for your pet. The designs are stylish and practical being dishwasher safe, and the metal inset bowl comes out for easy cleaning.

The shallow Lordly Puss bowls are specially designed for cats or small dogs with flatter faces.

The Superb pet bowls are deeper and have an infixed grip for easy handling and to avoid unnecessary movements of the bowl while feeding.

HiLo Duo Collection

Introducing a new innovation in dual pet bowls, The Felli Pet HiLo Duo. The cutting edge, raised design of the Hilo Duo feeder ensures your pet does n’t mix their water with their food. So you won't have to clean out a messy bowl or have contaminated water. The sleek & modern serpentine shape will turn heads in your home and it's a healthier option for your pet to eat and drink from.


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