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Dusty loves robots 3

As long as the cats like it...

Had to try a different kitty litter as our normal brand was unavailable. I was ordering some other items from Cat Evolution and decided to trail their litter... So glad I did. Our cats are very fussy when it comes to which litter we use but they had no issue with this. Only issue we have is the amount of dust it produces. Otherwise totally recommend it!

Clumping clay good, delivery fee bad

the clumping litter is great for what its designed for, however shipping is 100% of the price of the litter, im not sure how sustainable buying from cat evolution is for this.

Thank you for your feedback Janis. We do try and ship as cheaply as possible, but use Australia Post which means that there are significant charges for non-metro deliveries. I have emailed you regarding bulk, so that we can see if the shipping can be improved!

Good product and works great in the litter robot.

As always great products and on time delivery! High recommended company.

Love it. Looks nicer than the last one and the bags fit way better.

Lotter robot gear and motor

Clear printed instructions in the box. Installation easy and problem rectified. MARY IS GREAT!!!

Perfect fit

Perfect fit and fast delivery

Superior to all other litter

Clumps amazingly, removes the smells better than any other litter I've used over the years.

Litter that clumps perfectly

After trying a couple of other alternatives because they were cheaper (and cheap does not always mean it is good quality) we bought the cat evolution litter. It is far superior. I am sorry that we did not buy it from the start. We have three Burmese cats who love their new Litter-Robot 4 and now love the clay clumping litter as they seem to know that any activity they make will be taken care of properly. It is not dusty and if a few of the particles go onto the floor from their paws, it is just a quick vacuum up. We all love it and will be only purchasing this.

Cat seems to like it

Cat seems to enjoy using this litter over the other ones I have. It clumps well and has no smell. Only thing is my cat makes a massive mess with it as she digs and covers up her mess. The pieces are small so lots of vacuuming is needed

Litter Robot 3

Very easy to install. We have had our robot for about 6 years and this is the first time I've had to replace these. Mary was great support as I also had to replace the motor. Great service via messenger, phone and email.

Litter Robot 3

Mary was fantastic to deal with, our robot is about 6 years old and never had to replace anything until now. Instructions to install the motor were easy to follow. Great service as always.

Works well but MIA

I have busy Turkish Vans. In past 2 weeks, my youngest is scooping out half the litter overnight from the LR, so I bought this Guard. Works well when it’s attached but after 4 days, the cats have dismantled it & hid it somewhere in the house. I think it works well but if you have busy strong cheeky cats, you might need superglue

Do have a look at the installation for the fence, as the chin clip is very important in securing it in position. You will need to find it first tho!

This is the best litter by far for my Litter Robot. Easy to use, and easy to order with the best feature of automatic renewal. This litter has no dust, drops cleanly into tray (solid good size clumps), no smell and my cat took to it instantly.

Great when it works

Just needed to post an updated review after having the litter robot for a year, it was really great at the start, though when it starts throwing errors it’s headache central! Also after deep cleaning it a few times now, you realise how poorly designed it is considering the cost. The main concern I’ve had is the DFI sensor that’s just exposed to the waste elements, almost designed to inevitably fail.

Thankfully there’s a lot of support available for DIY repairs, hoping the LR 4 will be an improvement and last longer than a year before needing parts replacement.

Had trouble getting the lid off, and then removing the seal was awkward.
Forgot that feeding from the middle of the roll was the way to go.
Once all set up, they're good.

Fast delivery,
Glad that they have improved the green board by encasing in a clear plastic.

On the surface sounds good

I really liked the idea of the tofu and when in the box itself works well but the moment it enters the tray underneath (used) it absolutely reeks, to the point where I had to empty the tray after every cat use. It also sticks to their paws when wet and I have to clean up tofu paw prints around the house. I have unfortunately gone back to a corn based litter.


Arrived super quick. Quality is perfect. Fit the robot well and works a treat. Thank you Catevolution!

‘Connect’ is a bit of a furphy

Not as amazing as I’d hoped it would be but it’s still pretty great. It took my two a little time to get used to it but I’m enjoying the changes it has offered my litter cleaning routines. I’m working on a solution for the clay foot prints leading out of the laundry, this is a new one for us as we changed from recycled paper to the clumping litter.
The QR code doesn’t work so the ‘connect’ part is a false advertisement.
A couple of weeks in and I’m ready to give away the safety net (our old system).

Perfect for our LR4. Quick delivery and good price.


Best purchase and decision I have made waiting for the LR4 to come in. I’ve had the 3 connect in the past and I was happy with that one as well but I’ve really noticed the difference in the design and quietness of the new one. I’m finding it a lot cleaner and absolutely no smell. Great upgrade and design. Would definitely recommend it to any cat owner as it makes life so much easy. I’ve also enjoyed being able to have someone house sit for me and know they won’t have to deal with the cat litter and worst case its a simple bag change.

The best!

I have used the Cat San clumping litter for years, which even at its best does not compare to the Catevolution clumping litter. This clumps so well leaving only the clean litter! My cats took to it straight away. Cannot recommend this enough!!!

Nice Stuff

Works well and cats like it.