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  • Contoure Cat Tower
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Contoure Cat Tower

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The Contoure Modern Cat Tree provides a beautifully sculptured, aesthetically pleasing yet exceptionally sturdy choice. Outstanding design with clean contemporary lines, the natural Birch finish creates a minimalist urban look that is perfect for the modern home where style and functionality are key to beautiful living. Well balanced proportions draw the eye for all the right reasons, and the open airy design provides plenty of play space options without disrupting the ambience of the shared living spaces. Wide comfortable shelves fitted with commercial grade neutral carpet allow multi-cat occupation and ample passing room, with the more athletic feline having freedom to access from all sides, and exit the same way, with a safe maximum height.

Set sturdily on a wide baseplate, to ensure maximum stability even with the most energetic play, the Contoure provides a wonderful visual statement piece, whilst satisfying your cat’s need for vertical play. It’s a furniture choice that will enhance your shared living space and take the step up from fluffy into fully functional urban style.


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  • Height 171.5cm

  • Baseboard footprint 63cm wide x 52.5cm deep

  • Width main frame 53cm

  • Depth main frame 49cm

  • Number of steps /shelves 4

  • Width Shelf 26cm

  • Depth Shelf 49cm

  • Materials 2cm thick birch plywood natural finish

  • Materials commercial grade carpet inset (router cut) 2cm from edge

  • USA made, sourced from eco-friendly raw materials


Whats in the box

  • Foot plate

  • Front and rear frames

  • Carpeted Shelves x 4

  • Side rails x4 (for shelves)


All parts are warrantied for 12 months against manufacturer defaults. Recommended that the Cat Towers be self-inspected every 30 days for re-tightening if needed, based on cat activity.

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