Dive into the Cat Tunnels!

Dive into the Cat Tunnels!

Like all things cat, toys are sometimes hit and miss. Plus buying online makes judging quality difficult. 

I have had the Cat Evolution product testers turn on tunnel vision and engaging in hide and seek games, and I'm purrleased to say the Whisker cat tunnels are now an important part of our cats habitat!

Ebony, being a sleek black oriental, took to the tunnels immediately as a good way to get around without being seen. She loiters in the open end and you don't really notice her which is her preferred mode of operation (stealth mode) until she pops out for a play. She also loves it as a warm and cosy cave with a back entrance, as she does not like to be cornered. Flicking her twitch will entice her out and she will dive in and through, enjoying the game immensely. Its a requirement to play tunnel tag each evening before she will settle on the couch (yes, typical demanding oriental).

Pixel is the bigger boy, over 6kg and almost a meter long paw to tail, and although he loves to play peek a boo with Meowmy and will bomb through the larger tunnel (and the smaller one) like a bowling ball, I didnt think he was as much of a fan as Ebony. However, he is a day sleeper and seeks places where he feels he is safe and will be undisturbed, so he can be quite elusive to locate. I was surprised when I went to move the larger tunnel for cleaning under, to find it had a dead weight pinning it down in the middle! It took a bit of effort to shift Pixel out of where he seems to enjoy cat napping on a regular basis now, hidden but still close to the daily action.

So, to the actual tunnels. These are from Whisker, home of the amazing Litter-Robot, and are great quality. They are cordroy outers, which provide a cleaner surface that doesnt seem to pick up dust or debris particularly. The inner is that nice soft snuggly hoody type material, inner thermal style layer. Conveniently able to be compressed and toggled into a  small package for travel or storage if the cats need a break from use, with what feels like a spring to keep the shape. Ours haven't been put away since we started testing early 2023 as used on a daily basis. 

We always test all products, and the tunnels have been a big hit. They really get a lot of use, for day napping, and evening play. We have them in our lounge/TV room, so the cats have a quiet space during the day when we are working, and enjoy playing in and out both solo, duo (pounce and seek) and with a wand or feather toy to toss about. 

Despite Pixel doing his best, and Ebony liking to sharpen her claws on things, the tunnels (1 large 1 small) are both in almost new condition, and clean! No fluffed out pieces or staining nor frayed. Pixel has also not managed to flatten the shape at all.

So if you are wanting something a little more robust, without a big price tag, the tunnels provide hours of entertainment and napping enjoyment whilst still looking stylish!

Ebony playing hide and seek in the Cat Evolution cordroy play tunnel

Pixel peeping from the Cat Evolution Light Grey Cat Tunnel

Pixel playing with the Cat Evolution Cat Tunnel



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