Meow and MeYou

Meow and MeYou

The MeYou Paris designer cat beds, The Ball and The Cube, are visually stunning, enhancing small living spaces with statement piece cat havens. Chosen to be seen, and enjoyed by all, rather than just the occupant, they are not your ordinary cat bed. Sculptural and organic shaping with the cocoon ball central to both pieces providing a cozy space that self heats in winter, these are part of your design choice for your home, and a beautiful napspace for your cats.

While we love the result, the process of developing MeYou is also intriguing.

MeYou Paris was a Kickstarter startup, founded by Aude & Guillaume, from concept in 2014, to launch by crowd funding in 2016, to fully established in the European market. The driving concept for Aude and Guillaume was Something that’s comfortable for our cat and beautiful for us. Meyou’s adventure started from this simple observation. A brand that creates a bond between our cats’ comfort and our own love for design.

Meyou is made in France. The wood or metal working, the manufacturing and the assembly; all of these steps are made in France by professionals that have supported the project since its inception.

However, the “made in France” was not enough for Aude and Guillaume. As a basic fundamental,  MeYou is committed to making a difference by helping and promoting persons with disabilities. The MeYou brand is partnered with a Parisian organization dedicated to rehabilitating persons with disabilities through work, and using their work in MeYou manufacturing, product assembly and stock management. Through Meyou, about ten persons with disabilities will be employed and will become more independent every day.

Below a video recorded with them during the development of the MeYou prototypes.

Developing Prototype

So this is the story behind the beautiful designs. Made with love, for a wonderful integration of style in our homes, and homes for our cats.

Cat Evolution joined early, importing The Ball and The Cube, in a neutral and décor friendly colour range, in 2016.

We love the design for everyday, and we know Shadow loves his cosy Champagne Cube for chilly days napping. MeYou fits the need, beautifully.

And it’s a beautiful story, by design.

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