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SmartScale for Litter-Robot 4

Introducing SmartScale® for Litter-Robot 4 Available late August 2023
SmartScale® is a feature that will allow you to track weight data for individual cats on the Whisker App.
How does it work? 
First, ensure you have created Pet Profiles and entered those pets' weights in their profiles.
Once you receive the update, over 30 days SmartScale® will automatically display individual cat weight data on the Pet Profile dashboard.
Once sufficient data is recorded, SmartScale® will add a weight chart to each individual pet's profile showing their weight readings each day.
"I don't see SmartScale® on my Whisker App yet."
Please see the list below as to why this might be happening
1. You do not own a Litter-Robot 4
2. Your firmware hasn't been updated to the latest version. 
3. You haven't received the update yet. All customers will receive this update before the end of August.
4. Your Litter-Robot is on a soft surface (such as carpet) and isn't able to read cat weights correctly. To resolve this, purchase the Whisker Carpet Tray accessory.
5. Two or more cats may share an almost identical weight. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to distinguish between cats that weigh within one pound of each other.
6. The weight in your pet's profile may not be accurate. If it is off by more than one pound, SmartScale® readings will not register properly. To resolve this, check the weight readings in your Robot's History and update your pet's profile accordingly.