Litter-Robot Deep Clean

Litter-Robot Deep Clean

Now that you are settling into your Litter-Robot III Open Air, a little house cleaning!

Depending on how many cats you have, you will need to do a deep clean – more than empty the drawer – when you feel the globe needs cleaning. For one cat, we have found that roughly every 5 months is sufficient, but it does depend on your cat’s habits and of course, number of cats.

You should find it helpful before doing the first clean to read through the manual, and review the excellent video by the manufacturers here:

For a different review, you can also find this independent sample (showing some of the internal connections, not needing cleaning) here:

There are also a few YouTube videos featuring Shadows Litter-Robot, being cleaned before the Perth Pet Expo, which you are welcome to review here:

If you are still unsure, you are welcome to contact us at

Please ensure that you do not wet the bonnet nor the base, as both parts have electronics in place - a damp cloth for wiping over should suffice. If you do feel you need to add cleaner, spray onto the cloth, not the bonnet or base, to ensure you don’t get moisture into the electronics accidently. The globe and tray are both fully wettable (I usually hose them off and drip dry).


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