The Bonnet and Base connectors are responsible for power flow to the night light in the bonnet and back down again. Narrow metal strips, located on the left side of the Robot that are visible  on bonnet edge and base shoulder if you take off the bonnet or hood,  touch together to allow power to pass across metal to metal, completing the electrical circuit.

Over time, these metal connectors can get grey or dark marking on them. The deposited material reduces the power flow by separating the contacts.  The light indication is slow flashing yellow, and it may be evident at night when the night light comes on, and the solid blue ready colour changes to slow flashing yellow, for no apparent reason. It can also show as cycle interruptions, or stalls in the dump position, with slow flashing yellow. On Connect, it will alert with Bonnet Connection fault.

Fortunately, the fix is easy!

Turn off the power button and remove the power supply jack from the back of the base. Remove the bonnet or hood from the Robot.Locate the 2 sets of metal strips, 1 pair on the bonnet left side, and 1 pair on the base, rear left side top. Polish the metal strips with a small piece of Magic Eraser (or similar foam cleaning block) used dry. Remove all grey or dark marking, polishing up the silver.

Power flow should be restored.

It's best to keep litter and dirt out of the contacts, and if needed, polish to remove dark marking, to keep the power flowing and your Robot scooping.

Replacement parts are available at (components) and are designed for simple self-installation. Replacement required if the silver surface is worn off or corroded, at the touchpoints between the parts.

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