Bonnet Bits

Bonnet Bits

The 2 B’s on the Litter-Robot have the electronics on them, being Bonnet and Base. These items are cleaned with a damp cloth, so the electronics do not get wet.

Generally a wipe down is all that is needed, but there is some wear that occurs, and for the bonnet, this is usually the connectors.

bonnet connector litter robot open air

Metal strips, located in the left side (facing the Robot) of the bonnet, these little bendy bits stick out from the bonnet to make good contact with the base silver strips, completing the power circuit that is largely located in the base but also travels to the night light circuit board and back.

The base and bonnet contacts do need to be wiped from time to time, to keep them clean of debris. They also need to be inspected for signs of corrosion, and wear, as if the connection is not sufficient, the Robot may have cycling issues. Typically, this will be a slow yellow flash (1 per second), that even with the bonnet well fitted (rear tabs in and front tabs secured well so if you try to lift with the finger holes, the bonnet stays on), cycling maybe interrupted. 

bonnet connectors litter robot


A quick clean by rubbing hard with a dry paper towel or tea towel, or if needed, polish with a dry Magic Eraser or jewelry cloth to remove any dark marking, will ensure good power flow. Its a good check and clean to add to the deep cleaning routine.

bonnet connector litter robot open air

However, if you need to replace the strips, its very simple. Contact to order the replacement part, or check the Components tab.


bonnet connector litter robot III open air

When received, the strips are easy to fit, and you only need a phillips head screw driver.

The cover for the strips has 2 screws. Remove these. You can then see the silver strips and reddish plugs fitted to the ends.

Remove the strips from the slots, and gently pull the plugs off (hold the plug not the wires when pulling).


bonnet connector litter robot III open air

Replace with the new strips, refit to slots, screw on cover, and refit bonnet.

Its that simple.

If replacing the bonnet connectors, it usually worth ordering, and possibly replacing, the base connectors and if needed, pinch detectors. The metal parts of the Robot are consumable, and do need to be replaced from time to time, depending on care, wear, number of cats and climate.

As a note, the base connectors are also easily replaced but require the 9 base screws, accessed from the underside, to be undone, cat sensor unplugged and battery backup wires eased to open the base into its 2 halves. Do note the colour of wire and location (is the purple wire up or down?) as location matters for power flow.

If you do need more assistance, please email and we will pounce to help!


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