8 Tips for Introducing a New Kitten

8 Tips for Introducing a New Kitten

Heading home with a new fur baby brings great excitement and joy. Owning a kitten entitles you to a new set of responsibilities and why not? Kittens are little babies after all and they need nurturing and motherly care to grow up. That's why you need to start early to create a purr-fectly loving relationship with your new kitty. 

Your fortunate journey to being a cat-parent begins the moment you step into your car to take the new addition to the family to its new home. You should be prepared for it. It is advisable to take your kitten home in a little cat-carrier. It develops a sense of security and your kitten feels a lot safer.

Start Slow

Cats are really sensitive to their surroundings and generally take some time to adjust to a new one. When you take your new kitty home make sure it is given some time alone. Everyone at home may want to meet the new purr ball but you should take it slow. Let the kitten familiarize itself with the new home first. 

Kitten-Proof Everything

Naturally, cats are curious. Once your kitten gets to know its surroundings, you'll find it trying to climb the kitchen cabinets, peeking into little holes or even sleeping in a warmer! You have to make sure that your house is safe for your new kitten. Remove any sharp objects that can be in the reach of your little ball of fur, tape holes around your house and try keeping the live electrical cords out of its reach.

Home within Home

Felines tend to keep all sorts of businesses private therefore you should set up a little cat spot just like you would do for your new baby. It can be a little cardboard box or a whole fancy kitten-bed but make sure it is not in the middle of your house. Allocate a corner to them. Put a snack bowl, litter box, cat tree/ cat tower  and a few toys for them to play or scratch. Cats love to scratch and placing a scratching post wrapped in carpet would be great. 

Feeding Schedule

Before taking your kitten home, from either a pet store or a previous owner, ask about the eating habits, likes and dislikes of your kitty. This may help you go in the right direction. Familiar food helps kittens adjust easily. A smart automatic pet feeder would be just the thing you need to help your new kitten eat at regular intervals. Your cat will surely love its own automatic feeder. 

Litter Training

Cats are self potty trained. All you need to do is to place their litter box in a quiet isolated place as they love their privacy. Place a litter box in their room and they would know the rest. Cats are intelligent that way. Keep the litter box cleaned regularly, or invest in a cat litter robot which self cleans, as you sure don't want a lingering cat poop smell around your house. Check out this Self Cleaning Litter Robot Australia. 

Meeting New Family 

Never force anything on your cat. Remember your kitten is still very insecure and shy about the new place and it will take some time to adjust. To introduce a new family member, put your little kitty on the ground a few feet away from you. Let her come to you. Do not force attraction on your newly brought kitten. 

Regular Vet Visits

After adoption, take your kitten to the vet to get it checked and get an immunization record. Make a habit of taking your kitten to the Vet once every four-five weeks. Kittens grow rapidly in their first year, and they need to be vaccinated. You sure want them to be hale and healthy for long life with you.

Be Responsible and Give Your Time

A kitten needs your attention, care, and love at all times. Take time out and play with them. Stroke their fur or just let them climb over you. Remember, kittens need your validation and a feeling that you are there for them. If you return home late, take your pet fluff ball up in your arms and shower it with your love because kittens may not show but they need you. It is, for this reason, advised to bring home a pair of kittens to keep them occupied and not get lonely.

A new kitten is a valuable and rewarding family addition, so it's worthwhile making sure you take the time to help your kitten settle in and develop confidence and family familiarity, as you will be enjoying each other for a long time. Invest in quality care early and living with your kitten will be a joyful experience for all.

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