National Cat Show 2018

National Cat Show 2018

Held at Wellington Indian Association Centre, on Kemp Street, on the Queens Birthday weekend, the National Cat Show was well attended, and very popular with cat lovers of all sorts attending for a look, some purrs and some temptation to add a furfamily member or two.


Cat Evolution was excited to be invited to cross the water and attend, for demonstration of the amazing Litter-Robot III Open Air, and MeYou The Cube.

It was a full day, with setup the day before to get everything in place ready to go, for an early start.

Show day always starts early, as its important to get in and chat to the attendees (breeders and products) before the doors open. Its always exiting and interesting to speak with other cat people, who share similar stories about the behind-the-scenes topics such as freight, couriers, warehousing, marketing. I always feel like it’s a convention of like-minded people, forming the base that the Show then runs on, when you consider the amount of work that goes into setting up (physically, and organisationally) for a great Show day. The breeders are just wonderful to speak with, as each carry huge commitment and depth of love for their cats and breed continuation. Its quite amazing to see the variety of breeds and traits, and be able to speak to such knowledgeable people about which cats may appeal to whom, and why.

And then the doors open, and the Show really starts….


For a good insight to the day, were at the Show, and have created a delightful video

From the purrspective of the Cat Evolution stand, where 10am-4.30pm there was a constant flow of interested cat lovers wanting to see the best automatic litter-box available, things were less kitty cat and more litter chat. The Litter-Robot (demonstration only, no cats volunteered to test) worked tirelessly, scooping the clumps out of the Worlds Best Cat Litter and depositing neatly into the waste drawer for easy disposal. There were ample pull apart opportunities too, stripping the Robot back to its 4 parts, and showing how easy it is to reassemble (with no delicacy needed). Designed to be as robust as possible, its just like working with Lego, but less small parts. Mind you, I have had a lot of practice now, and its really about a 7 minute job to disassemble and reassemble, as long as I don’t stop to do a little dancing with the globe or base on the way through. It certainly seems to be entertaining, and its great to have lots of good questions asked, as the Robot is designed to be robust and simple to use, once you get familiar with the basics.

Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air

To round off the day, presentations were made to the best in show. I was privileged to present the Supreme Long Hair and Supreme Short Hair winners with a Paris designed MeYou The Cube Charcoal Cat Bed each. Purrfect for chilly NZ Wellington winter, just getting under way. Congratulations to the two winners, both absolutely gorgeous kitty cats.

Supreme Long Hair winner was Noeline Cullum, with gorgeously floofy Persian DixyKatz Merlot At Sunset (long hair entire Tortie Harlequin kitten).

MeYou The Cube Cat bed

Supreme Short Hair winner was John and Cheryl Stringfellow, with the stunning Bermilla Cherjon Fargo (short hair entire Blue Shaded Silver cat)

Meyou The Cube cat bed

So, days end, and pack up again for the next adventure.

Just saying, we did stay in Wellington in a beautiful spot, with the nicest of hosts. Check it out at

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