Getting a little older!

Getting a little older!

From a Son, about his Mums Litter-Robot

Hi Mary,

I am just replying on behalf of my mum (Pat) who has bought the litter robot for her two 1 year old cats.

Mum is 90 years old this year and was struggling with cleaning and changing the cats' litter every day, but get enormous joy and company from having the cats. The litter robot seemed on the expensive side, but now we see it is worth every cent.

We have had the litter robot now for about a week and it has been a revolution (literally!). Both cats took to it immediately - indeed the male cat (Billy) is fascinated and has already learned that if he goes inside and then sits outside and waits it will rotate for him! - its replaced the washing machine as a form of entertainment - he will spend hours watching the washing go round!

Mum is delighted with it, no more smells, scooping poop, or sweeping up scratched litter. I just change the bag once it is full.


This lovely review we received from Richard, on behalf of his Mum, highlights such an important part of owning and loving cats. How can we continue to enjoy and benefit from the companionship and care, when we start to struggle with the small, intimate and unattractive parts of cat ownership, particularly the litter tray? 

One of the big hopes I have is that as the word about the Litter-Robot gets out, older Australians will be able to stay pet owners longer, without having the issues that come naturally with ageing, get in the way of the wonderful benefits that pet ownership bring.

From time to time, I read re-homing requests where family can no longer cope with the added difficulty of ageing parents, plus pet care, and the pets need to be re-homed. It’s so understandable, but also, an awful reality that all pet owners have to be aware of. Yet, having pets able to be cared for reasonably, brings such companionship and delight, especially when other boundaries are slowly closing in. A solitary life is not such when there is a loving furbaby sharing spaces. 

There comes to mind a beautiful story of an elderly Japanese man and his cat, and the deep and rewarding relationship they enjoy. You can read it here:

Whilst an expensive investment, the life expectancy of the Litter-Robot, based on 2 cats, is 5+ years, so its just a little per week to ease the cleaning, plus reduced litter use (and of course not scooping) should provide payback over time on the investment as well as ease the burden of care for owners, family and friends.

For Mums, Dads, and their loving families, it can be positive assistance at a time when pets really provide such a lifeline.

Loving making pet ownership easier!

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