Shield Slip and Repair

Shield Slip and Repair

Shield slips

 The Shield inside the globe is essentially to help keep visitors clean. Located at roughly 11oclock when viewing from the front into the globe, the shield sits lightly inside a small pre-formed lip to help keep it on track. It is connected via a groove and socket style fitting that meets the black key to the rear of the globe, on the outside. Inside the key is a spring, that provides the tension to keep the shield in position when the globe rotates. Sometimes the spring comes out of its 2 clips. Sometimes, the screw holding the key to the shield may come loose. Both are easy to fix.You may find the following information and pictures helpful.

 The shield end of the assembly looks like this and the important part is the solid white bar

Litter-Robot III Open Air shield slot

where my finger is, you can see a solid white piece of plastic. this is what lines up with the part of the key that has an empty line, so that the key drops into and locks with the shield.

Litter-Robot III Open Air key slot

When together, they sit flush with each other, not wobbling between shield and key when the screw is firmly in place. The key and shield wobble when in place in the globe, between key and globe, and shield and globe, and the key looks to sit a little out from the globe. The key and shield operate together rather than as part of the globe rotation. The key holds the shield in place, while the globe rotates, with positioning dictated by the tension in the key, and the key in the base pocket, and the shield guide to assist.


without the globe in the way, they should interlock and sit flush to this level - its the same as shown in your photo ;o)

Litter-Robot III Open Air  shield key connect

the tricky bit is getting the screw into the central hole, with the key and shield still interlocked as they are inclined to pop out of interlock, when the globe is in the way. The screw is long enough to engage when out of interlock (just) but the shield and key will not position nor tension unless in the interlocked position.

I also noted when I put the shield and key together, that it didnt matter where the position was in relation to the globe. If they interlock and are screwed together, then when you put the key narrow end into the base pocket, the shield will move to the correct position (11oclock), or can be guided there is needed, slipping it under the lip guide on the globe.

If you dont worry so much as to which position you have the globe in, for example, open mouth down for stability rather than in the base, hand in hole to keep shield interlocked to key on top, then put screw in. Its easier to drop the screw into the correct position if the globe is actually face down, as gravity will help keep the key in position, and you can push up the shield by feel to interlocked position, then screw. It doesnt have to be screwed too tight, just nicely firm.

Lastly, if you actually have a problem with the spring, it does sometimes pop out of the 2 small brackets holding the ends in place, as its under tension.


See the following on the spring from Litter-Robot, to help if this is the case (you should see as soon as you unscrew it)


If you have any issues, unscrew and remove the Shield and key, pop a piece of tape over the hole to seal, and contact customer service

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