Water Fountain Fun

Water Fountain Fun


Our apologies that filters are no longer available for the Petfun filtered water fountain.

Although no longer available for us to stock, its helpful to have a replacement available. I have been testing this  possible replacement filter, and am satisfied it works ok, so Im happy to be using the purchased filters as a substitute for the carbon filters no longer available for our Petfun water fountain.


You don't have to purchase from wish, but the product details (size particularly) are suitable. I purchased from WISH and received the delivery ok. 

Its a direct buy, not via Cat Evolution, but should prolong the usability of the Fountain by having suitable filters available.

We trust this assists, and apologies that we are not longer able to stock the filters.


So now you have the fountain, and its keeping your cat/s well watered and bubbling away beautifully with the gorgeous blue blue light showing.

How do you know when to fill, clean and generally keep your life uncomplicated and your cats well watered?

Its easy. Just check out the lights. Blue is all good. Red is water level dropped so top up needed. You can fill from the top, without having to open the bowl, unless you think it needs a clean. Flashing blue means change of carbon filter is required, approx. 2 monthly.

We have our water fountain working for product tester Shadow, and as usual, check out the easiest way to keep the automatic lifestyle simple.

So to cleaning, when needed.

We just have 1 cat Shadow, and he is a fully inside cat, so relatively clean in habit, although his black hair does get into everything, including the water bowl.

We have had the water fountain for about 10 months, so have had a good term to test. I only give the water fountain a thorough clean when I change the filter, roughly every 2 months. I must admit to having ignored the flashing blue light in June due to lots of travel, but the fountain continued to work, with the water clean and fresh, so extending the 2 month window will be personal (or situational) choice, with water quality one of the things to consider.

Water Fountain Filters

So with the flashing blue light reminding me it was time to change, I proceeded to turn off and unplug the jack from the base of the water bowl.

Empty out the residual water, and remove both the top and under dishes, which rotate until the small clips line up to lift each out.

water fountain opened for cleaning

A good brush over under clean running water was enough to get any odd hair or residue off the top dish, and neither layer showed any alge or debris apart from the top lay directly deposited by Shadow. There was some calcium build up on the top dish, so this is worth removing by rubbing with a plastic style kitchen scrub, to avoid eventually clogging the small holes or marking up the top of the fountain.  I assume this is residue of mineral in the water, Perth location.

Water Fountain top cover

I could now access the inside of the bowl easily. The small pump at the centre is held in place on 2 small rubber feet, to keep vibration to a minimum, and set into a preformed square. If you want to remove it for cleaning (I lift it loose) take care to slide fingers under edge of the feet as they are pressure suckers to the floor, and you need to break the seal to lift or you may pull them off. I also remove the small square filter, and use that to clean the inside of the bowl generally, as it rinses the filter and cleans the bowl without damage. Take care with the ring that is on the upright spike, as this is the water level sensor, and should be handled gently.

water fountain cleaning

water fountain pump

Check also the top blue lip, as if there is calcium deposits, it will also show here and should be cleaned off to avoid build up. Take care not to scratch.

water fountain cleaning and level sensor

I found the basin quite clean, with only a little residue, and  no alge despite the long gap between cleans (3 months).

Once I am happy its clean, I refit the pump and filter, and fill it up. You can turn it on and test without the top dishes, to get an idea how the water level indicator works. Take care not to have water on the plug or jack area.

water fountain topless

Refit the bottom dish, and then install a new filter – THIS SIDE UP (yes, its clearly marked).

water fountain new filter fitted

Refit the top dish, and plug in.

water fountain cleaned and working

To reset the filter timer, press and hold the control depressIon/button until you hear a sequence of beeping (not just one long one). The blue flashing light should now return to solid blue lights.

Reset the fountain to the preferred setting (we like Smart), and you are back on automatic again for the next couple of months!

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