Things you Need for a New Kitten

Things you Need for a New Kitten

Things you Need for a New Kitten

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Have you been a raging cat person forever and finally decided to satisfy your inner cat mom? The bundle of joy you are going to bring home is definitely going to be the light of your life. However, the bundle of joy is not the only thing that you are going to bring home. There’s going to be heaps of shopping and stuff to buy so you can take care of your kitty just the way you ought to. But fret not, we have this handy dandy list for you that will help you pick and choose wisely without being stressed about it.

Food And Water bowl

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Food and water bowls are essential because of duhh! It’s food, no one can survive without that. But here are a few things that you should keep in mind to make things easier for you. The first thing to keep in consideration is the age of your kitty cat. If you are taking on a very young kitten than the first step is buying a bottle and that is a whole other set of responsibility.

However, if you are adopting a kitten after it’s two months or older then you’ll need sturdy food bowls that do not tip over easily. Do not get plastic bowls which harbor bacteria and are relatively harder to clean; stainless steel is the better option, they are also slightly heavier meaning that kitty is less likely to tip it over.

Give your kitten lots of fresh water that keeps them hydrated. Changing the water every few hours can become a pain especially if you work long hours. Cat evolution’s smart water Fountain can help you keep the water fresh and clean for your beloved kitty cat.

Litter Box

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Is your kitten going to be litter trained? Either way, a litter box is a necessity item that cannot be skipped. Choose a litter box that is wide enough to avoid spillage but not too high or too deep so your kitten can use it easily. On the choice of litter, you have to be careful as kittens are less cautious and able to keep themselves clean. Keep the litter box clean by removing the solid bits, while changing the entire litter once a week. Wash the litter box and use a light disinfectant to keep your kittens healthy.


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Cats are inherently territorial and like to have a place for themselves. Having a cat bed or a corner for your kitten where it can hide and play will keep the anxiety levels low. However cats are very particular about their sleeping quarters so try and choose a bed that you can move around until you have a location you kitty feels secure in, rather than buying a bed that can go unused by your kitty cat. You may want to start with a DIY bed using a cardboard, your shirt and cushion to make it comfy. Select a quiet and warm corner of your house to set up his/her corner for maximum comfort. This will be like their own little retreat!

Scratching Post

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Scratching is as natural to kittens as smiling is to us. So you cannot depend on wishful thinking with the idea that your kitten will not scratch your furniture. You will have to do something about satisfying this natural need, and that is where a scratch post comes in. The scratch post can be converted into a cat tree which is like an indoor jungle gym for your kitten. This is especially helpful if your kitten has a higher energy level and needs to expend it. Cat evolution offers a range of movable cat towers that will fit right in with the contemporary chic style of the modern home.

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If you do not want to invest as much or are yet on a budget constraint then you can opt for DIY versions that just require cardboard and glue.

Nonetheless, scratching posts are essential if you want to keep your kitty cat happy and your furniture safe.

Grooming Tools

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Grooming tools like a comb, flea comb and a nail clippers are going to be essential for you to keep you scratchless and your kitten tidy and tangle free. The type of comb and the amount of brushing your kitty needs will depend on the hair length. You can buy a hair trimmer too if you feel confident and live in a tropical area. Long haired cats needs their hair clipped during extreme weathers.


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Toys just like any kid are going to be your kittens best playmates. However at this age cats are quite aggressive although they do not have the strength to cause damage to humans but it can be enough to cause damage to the toys and in turn themselves. So buy toys that are specially intended for kittens, do not have sharp edges or can be broken. Rubber or fabric toys made of soft materials that can be chewed on will be the best option for your kitty cat. Feathered or winged toys can be a great way to have some fun playtime with your kitten. And it may be associated with dogs but many kittens love to play fetch as well.

A very good luck to you with your new fur ball, it takes a little effort and patience. However, it’s totally worth it in the end! Your fur ball is going to be the apple of your eye.

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