Do Cats Need Real Trees?

Do Cats Need Real Trees?

You may be wondering why cats need a tree in a house? Cat trees are a perfect way to give your feline friend their own domain. Cats love a good cat tree because it gives them a chance to play, run and climb on a piece of furniture, which is designed for them.

Cat trees are structures designed to provide stimulation for cats. If you find your cat scratching furniture or carpets, climbing curtains, or even being overly withdrawn and lazy possibly from lack of stimulation, then a cat tower can provide an engaging solution, especially if you can have one that is well designed and elegant to enhance your own shared living space. If you have multiple cats at home, a cat tower will provide a secure space for your cats, as they may claim a shelf each as their own domain, helping them to separate themselves from one another. Choosing well-designed cat trees that have carpet for scratching and lounging provides exercise and satisfies urges to claw and scratch and jump and play, in an appropriate space your cats can rule and enjoy.

Advantages of having a cat tree:      

A cat tree is a place that your cat will enjoy, use regularly, and it will enhance the well-being of your cat. A cat tree can provide a lot of benefits to your cat’s health. Here are some of the advantages to consider.

Exercise mechanism   

A cat tree provides cats with a vertical and horizontal space to seriously exercise, stretching and conditioning muscles and providing stimulation based on vigorous activity that satisfies instinctive needs. Cats demonstrate intense bursts of activity and need the opportunity to expend the energy in suitable ways that are not destructive to their owners habitats. A well-designed and solid cat tree can provide a good structure for vigorous play, without being damaged accidentally. Toys and temptations can be attached, to further interest and stimulate your cats and to keep their antics centered on the cat tower, away from more delicate items. Leaping and climbing are a source of delight for cats and having a cat tower they can utilize is very satisfying for them. A cat tree can give your cat its gym time, as well as provide a dedicated space where your cat feels in control and you can interact with it on different levels and with different toys, to increase stimulation and enjoyment for you both.  

A scratching post

When it comes to scratching, cats love to do that because this habit will keep their claws from growing uncontrollably, and also keep their paws and claws strong and in good condition. Cats use real trees for this self-care in the natural environment, and if deprived, may resort to using your furniture for scratching.

The purpose of a cat tower is not limited to giving a cat its own territory, but scratching is also related to this. This is because cats have scent glands in their paws, which they use to identify the spaces and places while scratching. If your cat is scratching your furniture, then it means they are marking that as their own space. Investing in a good Cat Tower helps satisfy the territory needs by providing an appropriate piece of furniture that your cat can claim and use as their own, rather than damaging your furniture.

Freedom to play

Cat trees provide an excellent opportunity for cats to play, which will enhance their health. A cat tower provides interesting and challenging changes of levels, making good use of vertical spaces that engage your cats natural urges to be in higher locations with good surveillance opportunities, for attack and play antics.


Cat’s love to climb, balance, and jump to higher places; therefore, a cat tree will provide a secure place to do this. Providing a secure and sturdy vertical structure for your cats ensures they can satisfy this need without using your soft furnishings or getting themselves into unsafe or unreachable positions at tops of door frames, cupboards or even shower screens. A floor-to-ceiling cat tower will provide the ultimate challenge in a secure way, for those cats who love to be in the top spots. 

A perfect place to nap

Cats feel more secure and safer when sleeping or napping in higher places. A well designed and secure cat tower that has ample shelf or platform space, can provide cats with a comfortable position in which they can easily sleep. Top levels also take advantage of the warmer air spaces in the higher locations, for cats to enjoy napping in the warmest spots, especially in winter when there is less sunshine to laze in.

So does an indoor cat need a cat tree?

Cat trees provide an appropriate and designed vertical play station to satisfy cat’s needs. Cats have boundless energy, and they love to explore and play. Their playtime is a healthy activity for them, which is a part of their development and learning. A cat tower is a safe place designed for them to carry out such activities. Design features to look for in good cat towers are:

  • Scratching opportunities with durable materials that will last when used well by the cats
  • Size variation or ability to change shelf levels, so smaller cats or kittens can be catered for when learning to climb and play, with appropriate level spacing.
  • Ability to change shelves, or to move cat tower location, to keep it refreshed and interesting for the cats.
  • Study and solid for lots of active climbing and jumping on and off by a variety of cats with varied push and body weight.
  • Ability to add tie on toys and dangling fascinators to enhance playtime.

In a nutshell, we can say that cat trees are a significant investment, so it is worthwhile choosing wisely for a well-designed and attractive piece of furniture that will satisfy the needs of your cat for years of enjoyment and activity.  

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