So-called for their colour, Tuxedo Cats are the best know as black with white bib or shirtfront, and white paws or shirt cuffs, making them look like they are wearing furry tuxedos. They can look elegant and refined in the well-cut suit, but are often up to more mischief than your average cat!

Here are a few interesting and informative facts about these distinctively coloured kitties.

  • Not a Breed. The distinctive bi-colouring that defines a Tuxedo cat can be seen in many breeds of cats, from Maine Coons to Domestic Short Hair, and all in between. It is the unique coat pattern and colouring that identifies a Tuxedo cat.
  • Can Be Colourful! Although most cat lovers would know a Tuxedo as black and white, any cat with the distinctive bib and cuffs in white, and balance of body colour solid or the same, could be considered a Tuxedo. A Tuxedo may also have a white face, in part or whole, and sometimes even resembles Batman on a caped and suited day!


  • Outstanding personalities. Tuxedo cats are believed to be considerably smarter than the average kitty. It's hard to prove, but there have been developmental observations with Tuxedo cats opening their eyes a day before any other colour if you can believe the doting parents!
  • Standouts in History. The Tuxedos are distinctive enough to be spotted easily and remembered when they have famous owners. William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton and Beethoven all had Tuxedo cat companions for added inspiration.
  • Famously fabulous. Mr Mistoffelees from Cats The Musical was a Tuxedo, as is The Cat in the Hat (Dr Seuss) and Looney Tunes Sylvestor, eternal pursuer of TweetiePie the canary. Felix the Cat was also distinctively suited in formal attire, to the delight of all children. All no doubt based on an original Tuxedo personality that left a lasting impression on the creators, and all well dressed for the part!
  • Presidential Puss. There has been a Tuxedo in the White House,  aptly named Socks, who resided with President Bill Clinton. Always impeccably dressed and usually sitting under the chairs during dinners, rather than at a place setting.
  • The Richest Cat in the World. Sparky, a black and white Tuxedo was left $6.3 million dollars when his owner passed away in 1998, briefly making him the richest cat. That is a lot of sardines!

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If you are lucky enough to have a Tuxedo in your life, enjoy being accompanied by a well dressed, and incredible companion, usually with impeccable taste in friends!

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