Top Tips for Sharing a Small Space with Cats

Top Tips for Sharing a Small Space with Cats

As Strata laws have changed in recent years, more and more people who live in apartments, townhouses or units are able to choose to share their life with the companionship of a cat. But trying to keep you and your cat happy in a tiny apartment can be challenging at the best of times. It can take dedication and perseverance to keep your place in the standard of living that your feline friend deserves, while not compromising on your lifestyle and the chosen aesthetics for your home.

7 Tips All Cat Owners Who Live in a Small Apartment Should Know

Here are some top tips to help ensure that you and your cat live the happiest and most harmonious life possible. 

1. Carefully select your apartment

If you do not currently live in an apartment and are considering moving into one, you should do so with caution. It is important to ensure that your apartment allows cats within the residence. You may also want to check what kind of cat you are permitted to own and how many, especially if you are considering owning more than one. 

If your apartment has a balcony, it is important to assess if it is possible for your cat to jump off or fall - remember, cats are extremely agile creatures! If you are looking at moving into an apartment that is on the ground floor, assess the surrounding areas and ensure that your cat is protected against other pets and dangers, such as busy main roads.

2. Get on your cat's level

When you are introducing your feline friend into their new home, it is vital that you view your apartment from your cat's point of view. Take inspiration from your cat and get down on all fours to to view your apartment from their perspective. 

Inspect the surroundings of your apartment and see if there is a secure place for them to sleep, they are able to get up high, feel safe and protected, have enough toys and stimulation to keep them occupied and have a relaxed place to eat away from high foot traffic areas, wherever possible. 

3. Windows and views


Cats are curious creatures. Most cats enjoy windows that provide them with a view of the world. This allows for your cat to have greater environmental enrichment, especially in a small apartment where there are no endless opportunities for them to explore their surroundings. Give your cat a stool or table by the window, or ensure your windows have a ledge to give them the opportunity to keep visually stimulated.

The view you provide your cat can also be internal. Your cat will appreciate a spot to sit up high and watch the activity of their own home, so provide them with high-rise options such as tables and shelves from which they can freely observe their environment. 

However it is important be mindful of the fact that a window with a great deal of outside disturbances, such as a window looking out onto a busy main road, can cause some cats to become stressed. 

4. Climate Control

Cats are known for sleeping the day away in a sunny spot in your home, especially during the winter months. During summer however, you may need to reconsider the amount of direct sunlight you allow in you apartment. Temperatures can escalate quickly, particularly in a small space. 

It is also important during the summer season to allow for ventilation in these small spaces. However, you must ensure that your open windows don't provide your kitty with an easy escape route! 

5. Games, toys and stimulation


Cats love to play! This is especially important if your cat is kept completely indoors. You need to provide your cat with a large range of toys and other stimulation, not only for their enjoyment, but to prevent them from becoming bored and resorting to destructive behaviour. 

To keep your cat interested, you should rotate their toys regularly and when you are at home, you should interact and play with them, giving them the attention and love they deserve. 
You may also want to incorporate a scratching post to prevent them from attacking your furniture!

6. Privacy please

Cats are private animals, especially when they are trying to enjoy some down time and get away from the hustle and bustle of apartment living. You should consider giving your cat a private place in a quiet area of your home to rest and unwind. It is especially important to give your cat their own place to sleep if you don't want them to constantly rely on your furniture as a place to sleep. 

MeYou Cat Bed – Cube

The MeYou Cat Bed from Cat Evolution has not only been specially designed to be a modern piece of furniture that will seamless fit into your existing decor that your cat will find cosy and safe, but it is also a playground and scratching post all in one! The cotton ball design of the bed creates a place for your cat to feel secure and it also double as  scratching ball that will keep your cat occupied.

7. Litter Box

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns when it comes to owning a cat in an apartment, unit or townhouse is the issue of the litter box. No matter what kind of other accommodations you make for your feline friend, they are going to need a litter box somewhere in your apartment. 

Cat Evolution have the solution that will alleviate the odour hazard that most cat litter boxes create. The Litter-Robot III Open Air is one of the best innovations that has been made in the automatic and self-cleaning litter box industry to date! 

Bengal Cat in Litter-Robot III Open Air

The Litter-Robot III Open Air is the best solution for cat owners in apartments as it compliments a tidy and well presented home with an understated design to discretely fit the aesthetics of your home whilst eliminating those unpleasant odours. This innovative design makes owning a cat in a small apartment easy! 

Automatically cycling to clean the soiled litter away after each use and  depositing the waste into a conveniently placed draw underneath, the Litter-Robot captures odour and provides a clean litter box for the next visit. As an additional benefit, less litter is used as the clean litter is replaced, saving you money. The enclosed design helps reduce spillage so you don't have to step on those uncomfortable kitty litter granules on your floor and you can say goodbye to scooping, forever!

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If you live in an apartment and share the space with your best feline friend, then the Litter Robot III Open Air and the MeYou Cat Bed from Cat Evolution provide a sound investment in lifestyle and convenience.

Make the most of every space in your living quarters to keep you and your cat happier than ever! 

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