New Year Cat Resolutions

New Year Cat Resolutions

With the arrival of the new year, we always tend to make resolutions but only 20% of plans are actually acted upon. However, this New Year, let’s try something new for motivation and well, to spoil our cats just a little more. (yeah as if they could BE anymore spoiled?! But what the heck! Our love knows no bounds.).

This time around, center your resolutions around your fur babies. You can start by reducing your carbon footprint by using less litter or getting new furniture for your cat or even adopting a new one. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make this year better for you and your kitty cat.

Buy them a BIG toy or a few Small ones EVERY month

Cats are active creatures that always love to play and there is nothing better than toys to keep them occupied. A cat tree is the perfect mix of necessity and fun as Its natural for cats to scratch, to sharpen claws and also to exercise. So a jungle gym for your furry kids that will cater to their scratching instincts while providing ample levels to jump around, pounce and play is the perfect gift for your cats. The only downside is the cost of a good quality cat tree, and that is exactly why it needs to be the part of your New Year’s resolution. Cat Evolution offers a great selection of fixed and movable cat trees with a contemporary design that will fit right in with your furnishings.

Once you get a cat tree, you surely will have a happier and healthier cat but, if you already happen to have one; another option is a window sill with a comfy perch so your cat can easily carry out his/her very busy schedule of bird watching.

Say goodbye to scooping.

Make a resolution to stop scooping the poop this year. Make cleaning up after your cat ultra easy by outsources with an Automatic Litter Robot, If the attractions of not scooping your litter box descent weight up to investing in one of the great appliances, consider your cat and that a self cleaning litter box is a big lifestyle improvement for your furbaby. Afterall, who doesn’t appreciate a clean toilet when you need to go?

Lifestyle with using less litter

So this New Year, say goodbye to excessive litter waste and scooping forever by using an Automatic Litter Robot. Specially designed to reduce litter usage and the hassle of scooping. The self-cleaning litter box automatically cleans itself after each use, and waste is deposited into a convenient drawer. All the while using less litter in addition to reduced spilling and odour.

Kick off 2019 with a new Furry friend

Save a cat from a shelter and gain an outstanding friendship for this New Year. Adopt another feline or a new kitten into your household. Bringing a cuddly bundle of excitement to the house will warm your heart and bring you the joy that will help you get through difficult times this new year and many more. The efforts will be extremely rewarding as your little friend grows into a confident loving kitty who has a loving forever home.

Cat Adoption can Build Life Lessons for Teenagers of All Ages

Having a pet in your household can be very beneficial especially for children, teaching them the meaning of a family and its underlying values. Pet ownership teaches them about personal responsibility very early by caring for pets. Cats are also known to reduce anxiety, instill a sense of calm and improve social skills.

We always think about plans for ourselves. This year includes your kitty in your resolutions; it will give you the kind of happiness and joy that will pay-off all your efforts, all year if not longer.


Have a blessed year ahead!!

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