Can cats eat chocolate?

Can cats eat chocolate?

The short answer is no.

Cats are obligate carnivores. Even more than dogs, cats eat meat, and a high protein diet is essential for their well being.

We, people are omnivores and graze on a plethora of foods, not always good for us, but we are more able to adjust and self regulate our intake than our cats, which rely on us to provide a good healthy diet with a variety of suitable proteins, that they would otherwise source themselves in the wild. Chocolate would never appear on a wilderness menu!

If you really want to share a sweet moment, try a cat-designed freeze-dried snack for your feline, or a squeezable and lickable creamy protein pack. Your cat will appreciate it more than chocolate, and you will be providing something healthy and good for your cat.

Sugar and caffeine are definitely not on the share list for cats and are not recommended for dogs either.

Its more likely the wrapper would be appreciated as more of a treat, especially if balled up and shiny and crackly to chase and toss, than any chocolate that it might have contained.

Be nice to your cat, eat the chocolate yourself, with a smile, and spend the energy you get on some fun playtime with your kitty.

Your feline will thank you for it!

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Another interesting fact: cats can’t taste sweetness (but dogs can). One less reason to share human treats with your feline friend!


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