9 Signs Your Cat Loves You

9 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you or just likes you as a source of food? Cats do express love for their owners in a number of ways, some surprising. Sometimes, tokens of their affection may be overlooked without realizing. Here are 9 signs for you to understand better how your kitty shows you love.

1. Your cat brings you “presents”

Cats are true hunters by nature, and one of the signs of their love for you is providing you with their ‘kill’ as a present. When they bring you these gifts they are trying to show you what they can “offer” you. For indoor cats, the captured prey maybe a toy mouse, or the occasional unlucky insect. Think of it as a love token, even if the sight of a dead cockroach makes you squeal. A moment of thanks and congratulations on the successful hunt, rewards your kitty by appreciating their present.

2. Your kitty will flash you their (tempting) tummy

If your kitty rolls over and gives you a view of that fuzzy belly, this is a sign that they feel safe and comfortable around you. An exposed belly shows you they feel loved and protected, and they are rendering themselves defenceless to you. Cats are prideful animals, so if they do this for you they have no concerns about letting their guard down when in your presence.

3. Your cat has a thing for head butting you

When your cat butts or bunts you with their head, they are actually depositing facial pheromones on to you. These serve to show their feelings of “possession” towards you, and that they are sharing their scent with you as their person, claiming you for their own.

4. Love nibbles

When your cat gently bites your fingers, it’s a show of love, not hunger or aggression. Cats groom their own and will lick and nibble you as an expression of care.

5. Following and rubbing

Despite the reputation of aloofness and independence, cats do enjoy their owner's company and will follow and engage in close contact and activities if possible (unless they are napping or ignored).

6. Kneading

When a cat is comfortable and relaxed, they usually purr. They may also knead with gentle pushing against you, akin to softening up where they are lying. They are not just getting comfortable; your cat is showing you affection and happiness, and a sense of possession of his person.

7. Twitching tails

Cats do not wag their tails as do dogs, in that happy go lucky delightful way. They twitch and flick. There is a whole gamut of reasons, as a cats tail can be very expressive, and individual to each cat. It's best to learn with observation, but a slow languid flicking is usually an indication of a happy and content cat. Sometimes though, you can get very excited to see you shivering, especially if you have been away!

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8. Eye contact and kitty-kisses

Cats are usually watchful, even when napping. If you look closely, it's rare for them to have those lovely cats eyes closed completely. But they will slow blink you with full close, as a way to say they love you. Kitty kisses are delightful, and you can invite them by slow blinking first, to break the ice and see if you get kisses in return.

9. PURR power

The last and the most renown kitty love sign is the purr. When that rumble generates, and the soothing and healing vibrations are felt and heard, there is no doubt of the love that is shared between you.

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