Whilst it may be cute to see fluffy little kittens, the reality is that there is nothing cute about unwanted kittens and cats suffering because they are not sterilised and are able to breed without control or care. Here are 10 good reasons to get your lovely kitty cat sterilised asap, and help look after all cats!

  1. Prevent the death and suffering of homeless cats and kittens. Overpopulation is the number one life risk for cats, with many feral or, if arriving in a shelter, unable to be homed and euthanised.
  2. More homes available for those that need them if there are not too many homeless cats and kittens overwhelming adoptees.
  3. Prevent unwanted pregnancy. Early is good as cats can become mothers as young as 4 months. Repeated pregnancies are detrimental to a young mother’s health and the health of her kittens.
  4. Reduce long term numbers as female cats can have 3 litters per year, averaging 4 kittens. Over a lifetime, the potential of one female cat and her offspring can be 400,000 kittens, which is astounding and a big contribution to overpopulation.
  5. Better bonding with their humans, as spayed cats are not focussed on mates but their humans.
  6. Fewer fights as sterilised male cats are less aggressive, especially if neutered young.
  7. Stay at home and less likely to roam, looking for a mate.
  8. Lower stress for all, with sterilised cats less vocal and hormone-driven. A female cat can come into heat (ready to mate) up to 10 times per year!
  9. Marking the territory with spraying is reduced, especially if neutered young. There is also less territorial aggression.
  10. Lower Vet costs as some diseases, and infections from fighting, are reduced in sterilised cats.

All round, many good reasons to ensure your cat or kitten is sterilised, noting responsible and reputable breeders don’t usually provide unsterilised kittens to give your new addition a good start for long life and happy life with you.

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