BATTERY BACKUP for peace of mind

BATTERY BACKUP for peace of mind

Whilst we did not initially think this item was worthwhile importing as an accessory for the  Litter-Robot, it has come to light that large parts of Australia do get the dreaded brownouts in summer, and unexpected power interruptions, more often than the West.

The battery backup is ideal for these issues, as it is permanently in place at the bottom of the base, providing a backup power source should the mains power not operate. However, it is not suitable for use as a stand alone (no mains) as it is designed to recharge in situ, not be removed for charging, and does not have a separate charger as the Litter-Robot provides the power needed to recharge when necessary.

We however, always work hard to keep pricing down. As Australians are generally reasonably resourceful in using a screwdriver, we have imported this item as case or frame only, without the battery, for DIY.

This is to remove the cost of importing a heavy item, the battery, that may also have issues with shelf lift/travel damage, ensuring you are in control of the battery part of the accessory.

The frame is a simple plastic part, that screws into place, to hold the battery securely in the underside of the Litter-Robot, where there are already wires and connectors in place for hookup.

The battery can be sourced for roughly $20-25 from electrical hobby stores, such as JayCar, and the specifications are:


battery is of type UB1213K (sealed lead acid SLA)

Here are the specs:

Voltage: 12v DC
Capacity: 1.3Ah
Length: 3.82 in ~ 8.33cm (I have measured the gap 97mm should fit which is the standard size. I am willing to buy a battery and test before you commit)
Width: 1.69 in ~ 4.29cm
Height: 2.28 in ~ 5.79cm

If you would like to buy one of the battery backup frames, please email for pricing, noting that the frame is under $15, plus shipping (regular Australia Post).

Any questions, email and we will spring to assist!




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