Smart Pet Feeder Trial

Smart Pet Feeder Trial

UPDATED 10 Aug 2018.

As we have just introduced a new product, the PetFun Smart Pet Feeder, some insight into suitable dry food was in order to keep introductions smooth. After all, if you are buying a dry food feeder for your Cat, you definitely want it to work with your Cats’ preferred food!

We asked the question of our Evolutionaries to let us know brands for Shadow to test, and have now tested the following dry foods in the Smart Pet Feeder, to see if there were size and flow issues. And yes, Shadow was very enthusiastic about participating in this test ;o)

Quick note  – large (dental) Hills Science Diet kibble is prone to jamming in the feeder. Testing still being conducted on suitable substitutes as small kibble Hills is suitable. note that manufacturer recommends 0.5cm to 1.5 cm but testing has indicated 1cm max, depending also on shape with cubes more prone to issues due to settling into rows/bridges within the feeder, above the chute. Its important if you decide to buy this feeder, that you have flexibility with your cats dry food, as you may need to change to small or medium to avoid jamming. Unfortunately, we are unable to warranty the feeder if its not a manufacturing fault, but is related to kibble size


The Feeder works by gravity inside the internal sleeve, designed to have the dry food drop downwards into the hopper. There is a sectioned basket, which apportions the dry food amounts of approx. 10gm per section, for release into the food bowl when requires, as 1-10 sections or 10-100gms per release.


Sectional feed in hopper


Internal view of sections in hopper

Internal view with sleeve removed (easy for cleaning)

We tested first to see if the weight was consistent, and correct, at 10gms, as it would be expected that there was some variation in this based on varied kibble size. This part of the test was completed using Whiskers Dry Cat Food, which is a medium size kibble, mixed star and circle shapes.

Sample used

Whiskers mixed dry food size compared to a 5-cent coin.

Dispensed 1 portion or section

Weighted using Thermomix scales

We repeated the serving 3 times, and consistently go the same weight measurement on the Thermomix scales, which was a good result in consistency for portion control.


We then proceeded to test a suggested/requested range of Dry Cat Food based on brands our Evolutionaries use for their cats. It was a good range in terms of size of dry food and shapes.

Black Hawk dry food is triangular shaped, and a little larger than the Whiskas, with consistent shape. No feeding/dispensing issues, and consistent portion

10-gram portion, dispensed into feeder. View inside feeder. Shadow check

Advance Taste, Mature Cat, dry food is round or disk shaped, and a little smaller than the Whiskas, with consistent shape. No feeding/dispensing issues, and consistent portion

10-gram portion, dispensed into feeder. View inside feeder. Shadow check

Royal Canin (oral care) dry food is cube shaped, and a lot larger than the Whiskas due to the square shape, with consistent shape. No feeding/dispensing issues, and consistent portion NOTE WE ARE RUNNING FURTHER TESTS, AS LONGER TERM SOME JAMMING MAY OCCUR DUE TO BLOCKS LINING UP AND CREATING A BRIDGE preventing feeding. FURTHER NOTE tests with full volume in container, of multiple feeds over a week plus, resulted in jamming at an annoying frequency. Whilst it was not an issue for Shadow as we have small multiple feeds and 2 feeders, this size dry kibble is not considered suitable.

20gms, 2 portions, dispensed into feeder singly to check size/flow. View inside feeder.

Fancy Feast, Adult, dry food is star and heart shaped, and similar sizing (a fraction smaller) to Whiskas. No feeding/dispensing issues, and consistent portion

20 grams, 2 portions, dispensed into feeder singly, to check size/flow. View inside feeder.

All the dry cat food worked consistently in the portion measured and dispensed and did not have issues with jamming over the short trial.

We will work through using the full samples (some being full bags) and update if there are any variations over time.

Aldi Supreme has also been tested separately in the PetFun Smart Pet Feeder, with good results. However, the boxed Aldi Cat Food (basic) has more variation in kibble size, and some is quite small or disintegrated, and does from time to time cause the feeder to jam as a result.

A check of the lights on the top of the Feeder, when passing, or checking the App (you can set to get alerts) will ensure you know if the feeder is operating or needs attention (empty or on the odd occasion, jammed).  The APP will also alert you either at the time or on review of settings, events.

A quick fix on a jam is to simply turn off the Feeder at the rear on/off button, and (make sure the lid is secured) tip it up and shake gently. Replace on the floor and switch back on. Generally, there is no need to reset the App.

Do ask if there are any questions in relation to operation. I particularly like being able to record a message that plays when automatic feed actions. Although it is funny to hear my voice calling Shadow to come and eat when he, and I, are still in bed in the morning ;o)

If you have any feedback or insight on particular brands of dry cat food, and the Smart Pet Feeder, please do let us know, as sharing knowledge helps Cat Owners enjoying the automatic lifestyle, MEOW!

Loving the Urban Lifestyle


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