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Moshizon Litter Mat

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Reduced tracked Moshizon Cat litter mat with this stylish cat litter trap mat. Naturally made from soft and durable EVA, easy on paws.

The Moshizon Litter Capture Mat is ideal for reducing cat litter scatter out of the Litter-Robot or litter tray with its heavy-duty top mesh layer.  Litter granules are trapped on the mat below. Simply lift the top layer and tip out the trapped litter!  

  • 62cm x 58cm, which is the purrfect size for the bottom of the Ramp or to provide ample landing space for your exiting Cats
  • Gentle & soft to paws.
  • Mat is easy to clean. simply squeeze sides together and tip out accumulated litter, or vacuum.
  • Non-slip back.
  • Made from soft durable and washable EVA. Opens up to clean fully and easily.
  • Available in warm caramel and dark grey, with colour in pictures indicative only.

NOTE: Do not place the litter trap underneath the Litter-Robot (fully or partially). Place only in front of the Litter-Robot. Ramp can be placed on mat.

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Peter G. 08/07/2020
Very happy with this item. Working well and easy to clean!
Kerrie S. 28/04/2020
I have my mat and I love it. It works a treat.
Annaleesha T. 12/04/2020
I ordered the litter mat off you too in my last order and it works really good catches the rest of the litter off their paws ????
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