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Petfun: Automatic Feeder WI-FI connection

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Petfun: Automatic Feeder WI-FI connection

Following is a more detailed connection process, which may be helpful.

Please work through it step by step and note if there are any problems.

A slow green flashing is an indication that the unit did not bind correctly.  Included is information on the process to unbind and re-connect.  


Set Up

1. For the initial set up, please ensure your Auto Pet Feeder is within four metres of the modem/router

2. The Auto Pet Feeder only connects to 2.4Ghz wireless so please ensure that is the one you are trying to connect to (if you are unsure of this step, please see notes on modem at end of email)

3. If your App has already been bound to your device, first unbind your App.  This is done by opening the Petfun App, you should be on the My Devices screen then click on the Petfun device (eg Video Smart Pet Feeder) at the bottom of the screen on right hand side click on “Setting”  then “Remove the binding” then the orange ”Unbind” button then click ok.

4. At this point I find it best if you turn Mobile Data off on your phone/device.

5. On the Auto Pet Feeder, push the Set  button for about 7-20  seconds until you hear a beep/ding (push for a couple of seconds) and the green light starts flashing slowly

6. Click on the + located in the top right hand side select the top feeder Video Smart Pet Feeder

7. When the green light on the Auto feeder is flashing slowly click the box in the App and then click Next

8. Enter your wifi details (remember to use your 2.4Ghz wifi)

9. On the next screen with the Q code (Black and white patterned box) at the bottom is "Can't hear sound" click on this the click on Use Device Ap Connection then click on Next

10. Select PETFUN {xxxx} wifi signal, dismiss any warnings or notices - not being able to connect to the internet at this stage is fine

10,  Click back arrow on your phone to go back to the App

11. Click Next on the App

12. Watch as the phone tries to connect .   Green light should go from slow flashing to fast flashing and then to solid green.  Note - sometimes this step has taken me three attempts.

13. Click Done when successful.

14. On the main App  click  Manual and select  number of portions (check this is working )

15. On the menu at the bottom click camera (this may take a couple of seconds)


 If you have any connection issues, please clearly identify where the issues are and what happens at each stage to assist further troubleshooting if needed.

If you still have issue connecting, we can assist further. Please advise

1. Whether you successfully connected

2. The type of modem (make & model) you are using

3. Type of internet connection

4. Approximate distance the Auto Pet Feeder is from the modem/router and whether there are any walls in the way

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