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Litter-Robot: Returning Your Robot

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Litter-Robot: Returning Your Robot

For most cats, especially if they are good with using a manual litter tray, the Litter-Robot is a welcome addition to the home. Everyone loves a clean litter tray, and once your cat or cats understand, they usually adapt quickly to the new lifestyle, and appreciate having an automatic litter tray.


If your cat/cats are good with a litter tray, and you follow our suggestions, we generally have a 99% success rate. Sometimes it takes longer than expected, with multi-cat households often finding an unexpected heirachy affecting how quickly all of the cats transition to the new lifestyle. Patience, and allowing each cat to transition at its own pace, is worth the outcome of not having to manually scoop your litter tray (or trays). 


However, if for some reason transition is not successful, or you find the Robot is not suitable,  you have peace of mind that you can return the Litter-Robot for a refund, with the 90 day guarantee. The return information is provided on the website here  


Simply put, you need to return the Robot in the original box, cleaned and in good condition, including all paperwork (manuals) and power supply, to our NSW workshop for checking. The cost to ship is paid by the returner, with a courier needed  for returns (the Robot is too large to ship for Australia Post).   


Once received, and checked, the purchase price will be refunded to the purchase account, less shipping if applicable (and any damages if noted and needing attention).


There are a number of returned Robot reviews available on our website. Its disappointing if the Litter-Robot is not the success that was hoped for, but cats are cats, and sometimes, its not a good fit for the purrticular home. We understand, as cat owners, and work to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.


The main consideration for customers to keep the box, which is custom made for the Litter-Robo. The original box ensures the Robot travels safe, and means we can make the Robot available to another customer (see reconditioned Robots) after finalizing the return. The box (including the inserts) folds flat for storage. If not kept, the return process is more difficult to complete smoothly.


We strongly recommend NOT to use scented litters in the Robot. Scented litter is concentrated in the globe, possibly discouraging cats from transitioning, and can permeate the heavy duty PVC liner, necessitating replacement at returner cost. Scented litters also affect the carbon filter badly, necessitating more frequent replacement.


A thorough deep clean with wash of the globe, as demonstrated in the manufacturers video, ensures the Robot is ready to ship back.



A quick check that everything is in the Box before closing:


  1. Clean and dry Litter Robot, including step mat, tray with filter, base, globe and bonnet, and power supply
  2. Manual booklet
  3. Quick Reference Guide (colourful card)
  4. Startup guide

Cat Evolution can arrange courier for return, or can provide return address, with details needed to ensure the Returned Robot is received and checked asap, for refund.


Any issues are communicated, and notification provided when the refund is complete.


If you have any questions or issues, you are welcome to call Customer Service on 1300 350 635 or email

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