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Litter-Robot: Removing the Bonnet

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Litter-Robot: Removing the Bonnet

See below to learn how to properly remove the bonnet off of the globe. You can also view a quick video here:



  1. Turn off the Litter-Robot by pressing the ON/OFF button. Unplug the power supply black jack from the back of the base
  2. Press in the front tabs left and right side, to release, and tilt the bonnet top away towards the back, then lift up and off.
  3. To refit, hold the bonnet in left and right hands. 
  4. Tilt the top curve away from your body so the rear 2 corner tabs are upright, and slip them into the slots on the base (rear left and right on base top)
  5. Tilt the bonnet top forward to drop the longer front tabs into the front slots.
  6. Press down the sides of the bonnet to ensure the front tabs click into place.
  7. Test by putting fingers in left and right side where there are holes, and lifting, to see if the bonnet is secure. it should not lift off.

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