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Litter-Robot: Ramp or Stairs

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Litter-Robot: Ramp or Stairs

The Litter-Robot III Open Air is designed to accommodate a ramp or stairs, as an accessory that can be purchased separately.

The ramp has 2 functions. 

  1. To make access and exit easier for cats that need assistance, or are perhaps more timid and may prefer a secure and gentle entry and exit to their litter box. The ramp removes the need to jump into the litter box, particularly for smaller or older cats.
  2. The curved steps are designed to capture litter tracking from paws on exiting. The ramp is also sized to encourage walking down rather than leaping out. This reduces the amount of tracking that occurs, with the litter either saying in the Robot or being left on the ramp, rather than reaching the floor for distribution. 

The ramp does roughly double the floor space required for the Litter-Robot, so consideration of location and size is necessary.

For fitting the ramp, the following video is helpful.


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