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Litter-Robot: Power Supply Specifications

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Litter-Robot: Power Supply Specifications

The Litter-Robot works best with either 12VDC unregulated 400mA to 1,000mA or 15VDC regulated 400mA to 1,000mA.

While the unit does not require a Litter-Robot power supply, you can order the correct power supply from Customer Service at or call 1300350635. 

The standard power supply costs $50.00  AU including shipping, current March 2020.

The power supply with the cord protector (for those curious kitties who like to chew) is $19.99 with free shipping.

If you are using a power supply with different specifications, the Litter-Robot may be appearing to work just fine but can start to show some signs of not functioning the way for which it was designed. Using the wrong power supply can cause the motor to move slower, which in turn can cause the rotating globe to not reach the dump position before timing out or have issues making it back to home position, resulting in flashing lights. The wrong power supply can also cause failure in the unit completely if the output voltage and current are too strong, including damaging the circuit boards. .



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