Keryn, Bollie and Peri 12/12/2019
I received my litter robot connect on Tuesday and my 2 furr babies took to it almost straight away! They are consistently using it now and I can leave it on automatic. Thank you so much for the phone advice and all the information in the email! Was super easy to set up and works perfectly.
Betty and Buzz 07/12/2019
Buzz! and Betty are delighted with their new LR Connect and used it instantly ... they are old hands (or paws) at it, having had the old round one for at least 10 years until it finally gave up the ghost.
As you can see, Buzz! helped me unpack it, and I spent all of yesterday building a new housing for it in their outside enclosure (accessible from the house via a cat flap). It's completely protected from the elements, being under a patio cover.

I got the app running without a hitch and it's fun seeing how things are going remotely.
Adam B. 02/12/2019
It was rough to start as he didn't want to use the new machine (even though I followed all instructions and it was turned off etc.)

He loved the box that it came in! he is still playing with the box.

After a few days, he moved over, I kept encouraging him to move to the litter robot, putting treats at the entrance to it etc.

As his other tray got dirty, he had entered the litter robot a few times, just to check it out, then run away.

Eventually I then removed the other option, hopeful that he would use the litter robot and alas he did.

HAPPY days!
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